What is Humiliation?

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What is Humiliation?

by Mistress Daphne


What is humiliation? There are so many ways to define Humiliation. It would be best to show you what kinds of Femdom Humiliation are out there.


Strapon Humiliation


Oh, I know you guys and gals who have a thing about wanting a cock, but hiding it with, “Oh, I just like sucking a dildo. I don’t want a real dick to suck! That would make me a fag!”

But when your wife, girlfriend, Mistress puts on a strapon, you fall to your knees, close your eyes and visualize a real life penis entering your mouth and sucking some imaginary dude’s cock. I know you do because you have confessed this to me.

However, for a woman to be able to get you into that humiliating position, she must wear the dildo in a harness before tickling your lips with the (fake) cock. You do know she will call you a faggot anyway, don’t you?

And goddess bless if you bend over for her! You taking it up the ass is sure to be deliciously humiliating for you because your dick will get so damn hard. I would not be surprised if she laughed while fucking you, showing you who really is the boss.


Cock Sucking


On the heels of strapon humiliation comes cock sucking humiliation.

Sure, cock sucking can be so delicious, right? But what if you are a straight guy who is not supposed to think about other men’s dicks… especially in your mouth!?

When you do, though, it can really be quite humiliating, yes? I mean, does sucking a cock make you a faggot? A queer cocksucker? Does just the thought of it make you one? Can you watch women sucking cock and wish you had that cock in your mouth; does that make you gay? What if you are watching gay porn? Does that make you gay?

Wherever you fall on the cock sucking spectrum, it is so much fun to tease and taunt you about those taboo desires. I mean, men in our culture are not supposed to think about other men’s penises in their mouths!

Does thinking about being called a faggot make your dick harder still? Well, cock sucking humiliation is right up your alley.




Someone you love laughingly suggested you put her panties on and when you did it, your dick got really, really hard. When she laughed at you, you nearly came in those silky cheekies, didn’t you. Forevermore, the idea of wearing panties, something really taboo for men to do, became a fantastic turn-on and the laughing amplified the experience tremendously.

It isn’t uncommon for sissies to simultaneously love being in women’s lingerie or clothes, yet feel a great deal of shame at the same time. For many, the ultimate fantasy is to be discovered and made to wear their outfits in public on full display. If you were to do that, how do you think the world would react? Probably laugh and point at you, thinking you are really silly in those stockings and heels.

But if it turns you on to be laughed at when you transform to your feminine side, go for it! Enjoy that aspect of the experience.


Small Penis Humiliation


Ahhh, how could there be a list of humiliations without including Small Penis Humiliation? It would not be possible!

You small-dicked boys, you are wired for humiliation sessions, aren’t you. And rightly so! Who the holy fuck wants to see that dicklette, much less have sex with it? Certainly not any girl I know.

So you are left with being made fun of and masturbating all by yourself while we Mistresses watch you on cam as you proudly display that flap of skin between your legs. And oh do we love it! It gives us great pleasure to spend time with you, laughing at you and what you canNOT do with that teenie weenie.

When we have a session, you can be sure there will be rolling in the aisles hilarity as you describe a lifetime of embarrassment and shame for your lack of manhood.


Are You Game for Some Humiliation?


Are you ready to have some humiliation in your life? We Humiliation Mistresses are ready to give you that gift of laughter!