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What is Sensual Humiliation?


What is Sensual Humiliation? Here’s an example: You’re coming out of the bathroom after showering. You’re drying off as your FemDom is getting dressed in the bedroom. As you enter, she looks at you and says, “You are a worthless loser.”

Then she comes over and kisses you and walks out the door to go – where? You don’t know because she doesn’t think it’s necessary to tell you. Does this kind of scene make your cock throb? If so, you might be into sensual humiliation.

Sensual humiliation is erotic humiliation with a more gentle touch than hardcore humiliation. She makes you want to be embarrassed in front of your friends. She never raises her voice. You never feel as if she is making you do something you don’t want to do. She doesn’t scream or verbally abuse you. She won’t lock you out of the house in nothing but a necktie, but she does let you know, sometimes with a smile, that you are a fucking worthless man.


Small Penis Humiliation


Her quiet but stern humiliation of you makes your cock hard every time she does it. Maybe you particularly love it when she makes fun of your little cock. It arouses you like nothing else for her to laugh and point and tell you that she has never seen such a small weenie before.

You find yourself thinking of ways to bring your tiny cock to her attention, like walking in front of her naked, or asking her if you look good in your swimming trunks. Her response is always no because she “knows that there is nothing but your boring little cock inside them.”


Dressing Up


Or are you one of those girly girls who crave being persuaded to put on panties and dresses and shoes, oh my! You love it when she tells you to put them on, but then you are shocked and horrified and thrilled when she tells you that she’s taking you to the mall all dressed up.

You protest and maybe even whine a little, but secretly your little sissy pussy is all excited by the idea. The excitement builds as you find your sissy self walking, no strutting down the middle of the mall on a Saturday. You’re thrilled to see all the whispers behind raised hands, giggles and laughter you can hear, and all the pointed fingers. This is a wet dream come true for you, girly girl!


Strapping On


Perhaps you’re into something else entirely. Perhaps you’re absolutely obsessed with the strap on your FemDom keeps in a drawer. She only uses it on you occasionally and you are afraid to tell her just how much you like it when she does. In truth, you think about it all the time and you wish she’d fuck you with it all the time.

Sometimes, when she’s not around, you take it out and look at it as you stroke your cock. You imagine that your FemDom has made it clear that she wants to fuck you tonight. She has it strapped on and is looking at you intently as she lubes it up. The image makes you come harder than any other fantasy.


Cucks, Bi and Cum Eating Can All Be Sensual Humiliation


Do you like the thought of your wife or girlfriend being with another man? Does she threaten to go out and find another man to make you mad and you find yourself aroused instead? This is cuckolding. This is the relationship for you if you really want your woman to fuck another man either outside your home or right in your own bed as you watch.

This leads us, to coached bi festivities. Let’s say your woman brings home another man and asks you to suck his cock before he fucks her. Another tantalizing scenario is one in which your FemDom persuades you to suck the cocks of the men she brings to you as part of your relationship. All of which may lead to your ultimate turn-on is for your FemDom to coach you and watch you eat your own cum.

You love it when she puts her fingers in your warm cum just as it shoots out of your cock and then brings her fingers to your lips and tells you to suck it all off. You shake your head, but your cock reacts to the thought and throbs harder. “Please,” your FemDom says, “eat the cum for me.” Of course, when she puts it like that, you have to do it.

These are just some examples of sensual humiliation. It is that sweet sting of embarrassment mixed with a breathtaking desire that makes you obeying the strong FemDoms in your life.


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