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What is sexual humiliation?


Sexual humiliation can be as simple as being humiliated for having a small penis, or as in depth as being mocked or ridiculed for the very fantasies that elicit sexual cravings desires or needs. Fantasies are as varied and different as people are; some may enjoy thinking of themselves being tied down and beaten while the inflictor or Dominating one laughs and scolds them. Some may revel in the thought of being publicly humiliated by being forced to dress as a woman, or made to wear something as simple as a dog collar around their neck in public.

It is the sexual arousal that sexual humiliation brings in its many degrees and variations that drives men to seek out someone, often a Femdom Mistress, that can and will freely laugh at their situation, someone unafraid to taunt them, allowing them the escape for the moment to enjoy that which excites them, no matter how disgracing it may be.


Is Sexual Humiliation “Normal”?


Does sexual humiliation make you some how different then the average man or phone sex caller? No, not at all. Daily many of us at Phone Humiliation encounter men that seek to be humiliated while aroused. And yes, even women often desire sexual humiliation as well. Many just like you call to discuss something that is typically thought of as out of the ordinary and odd, which turns them on.

You know it is sometimes quiet funny the things that make your cock throb – as do we. And you seek to explore it as well as fulfill the fantasy with another to look on and listen then mock, to ridicule and humiliate you in the ways you imagine most would.


Many Different Types of Sexual Humiliation


One of my personal favorite kinds of fetish is humiliation. I love to laugh and degrade a caller. It is My kink. Over the years I have had many calls as well as numerous lifetime experiences involving sexual humiliation. From tiny dick mocking to full blown humiliation of the person for being who they are,. I like to get into the mind of the subject and find out what causes great embarrassment as well as sexual stimulation, then drive home the mockery of that particular kink.

In many ways humiliation causes a response much like fear or adrenaline. It gets the endorphins pumping and stimulates the mind as well as the body causing a reaction, quite frequently a sexual reaction.


Why Do I Crave Sexual Humiliation?


Often times I am asked “Mistress, why do I crave sexual humiliation?” There is no one answer to this question. It is part of who you are and what makes you sexually stimulated. Many try to subdue these feelings only to be overwhelmed by them after the attempt to suppress fails.

If humiliation is your kink and what makes you throb, a controlled exploration of your kink with someone you trust can both allow you to enjoy the experience, and also perfect your experience in ways that will allow you to climax guilt-free in the knowledge that it is “okay” to need sexual humiliation. 


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