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And Why Do You Need It?



Small penis humiliation has always fascinated me.

As a lifestyle and phone Dominatrix, there are a plethora of kinks I specialize in, and humiliating a submissive about his small penis is very much one of my favorites.

We all know that men tend to over analyze their manhood in many ways, and tend to be very obsessive about their cocks. Their cock size, thickness and longevity of stamina can be for many, the very center and essence of their masculinity.

Being the magnificently evil Mistress and Humiliatrix that I am,  I take great delight in going straight to the epicentre of their microscopic non-cock and eviscerating them down to the cellular level.




Online Sources Define Small penis humiliation as such:

Small Penis Humiliation, (SPH) is a form of verbal erotic humiliation involving the penis where a dominant person usually consensually degrades a submissive’s penis. The practice may involve sexual acts or just the verbal humiliation itself; it may take place in public or in private.

Submissive men who enjoy SPH do not necessarily have small penises. They like the idea of being humiliated and having the penis treated as useless, especially involving penis size-related offenses or mocking the penis in general. Some women get sexually aroused with the power to be the ultimate judge of a man’s penis and to humiliate him.

For many, weakening the sense of manhood imposed by society can be erotic.

SPH is often associated with cuckoldry when the submissive man is rejected and humiliated with the argument that he cannot satisfy his partner or his penis is not large enough to pleasure anyone.

Some relate SPH to feminization as well, and even compare the submissive’s penis size to the size of a clitoris during humiliation, although this way of degrading the penis is not well accepted by all dominant women because female genitalia should not be a way of insulting the penis.

Some small penis humiliations are also done online. The submissive man may post pictures of his penis on the internet for the purpose of being mocked.

In many cases, there is a BDSM session via webcam, where a dominatrix humiliates the submissive through the video. (I just LOVE seeing you and your tiny dicky via a skype session!)


Is Small Penis Humiliation  For You?


In my domination practice I get many clients who are curious about trying a new kink or fetish but somehow are a bit embarrassed or unsure if they can handle a Full On humiliation call.

This is totally understandable, and this is why I feel that EASING you into small penis humiliation sessions in a way that will find the exact nuance, balance and degree of humiliation play that is JUST RIGHT for you. (It can even be sensual humiliation or just playful teasing). So dive right into this kink, and remember, Personal Growth only happens when you are out of your comfort zone!

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