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What Is Your Individual Brand of Humiliation?

Do you know what your individual brand of humiliation is? I cannot begin to tell you how often I hear the following statements: “I like humiliation.” “I want you to humiliate me.” “I get excited when I am humiliated.” “I enjoy [insert fantasy topic here] with some humiliation.”

While these are indicators of one’s personal preferences, the important word to remember here is “individual” . “Humiliation” is a very subjective word, which is uniquely defined by each individual’s unique interpretation of that word.

What one person perceives as utterly embarrassing, shaming, and humiliating may not register or resonate with another person at all. Given this fact, it is important that you give your Mistress a clear understanding of what your own humiliation hot buttons are and if there is a particular context, dynamic or trigger that takes your feeling and experience of humiliation to the peaks of phone sex ecstasy.


Brand of Humiliation Questions to Consider


Some of the things you want to answer for your Mistress when requesting humiliation and determining your brand of humiliation as the primary component or secondary facet of your phone sex session include the following:

Do you want to focus on the sensation of feeling humiliated and embarrassed in an obvious, blatant, and overt way or do you prefer it to be presented in an understated, subtle, and low-key way?

Example: Do you want to be mocked and ridiculed directly for having a “tiny little dick that could never satisfy any woman” OR do you prefer hints that your size may be a “bit of a problem” or “an unfortunate issue” ?

Is humiliation the primary focus of your phone sex call or do you see it as complementary to your primary fantasy?

Example: Given a cuckolding fantasy, do you want the shame and embarrassment of/for being a cuckold to be the focal point of your session OR do you want to be the cuckold who only feels humiliated in response to certain words or moments (when you’re instructed to be the cuckold fluffer, when your wife looks at you and smiles while she is getting hammered by a huge cock, when you’re told to jerk off in front of your wife and her lover)?

Do you want to be humiliated in a hardcore or sensual manner? Do you prefer harsh maligning, cruel degradation, playful teasing, and/or amused taunting – or do you enjoy a mix of styles? Do you feel more embarrassed if you are subjected to a louder and more definitive tone or a calmer and more matter-of-fact tone?


Are there certain words or phrases that ignite and fan the flame of humiliation in you?


What areas of humiliation make you weak in the knees? Is it one or more of the following that gives you a case of horny humiliation: (non-)coerced feminization, (non-)coerced cocksucking or other bisexual behavior, general verbal cajoling or degradation (with regard to your character, appearance, and/or personality), small penis humiliation, being on public display, strap-on or other for of assplay, cuckolding, corporal punishment / spanking, CBT, cum eating, and/or any other element you find to be essential to your humiliation fantasy, roleplay or session.

Even though you may be a passionate fan of humiliation, never forget that your fantasy call is… yours – and you deserve to have the most titillating, thrilling, stimulating, and gratifying session possible. By defining your own perception of “humiliation” , you are providing your Mistress an essential piece of information she can use to make you feel that particular sense of shame, disgrace, indignity, embarrassment, abasement, and/or degradation, which curls your toes and sends you into the state of bliss that only a successful humiliation session can bring you.

Well, what is your brand of humiliation?


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