Why Underendowed Men (and some average men!) Enjoy Small Cock Humiliation


What is average penis size?


Many men are completely unaware as to what an average size penis is. According to askmen.com it is 5.8 inches when fully erect, when the male is as sexually stimulated and hard as he will become.

Does this number shock you? It may shock many. There are as many different sizes and shapes of penis as there are men. Some are short and fat while others may be long and thin, however most are used in the same manner regardless of size.

On another web site, whatistheaveragesizeofapenis.com, it is stated that the largest penis in the world, confirmed by a medical practitioner, was 13.5 inches long and was 6.25 inches in girth. Recorded by Doctor Robert Dickinson, in the early 20th century. Now there have no doubt been claims of larger members for a very long time, we have all heard the stories. This is the largest documented at the time of this essays composition. There are numerous web sites that claim the smallest penis is anywhere from 1.25 inches to 2.0 inches.


Theories for Why Men Like Small Penis or Small Cock Humiliation


So why do men enjoy being humiliated about the size of their member, well again this is one of those questions that has no real or correct answer. It could be that given what they have it is a thrill to be mocked in ways others enjoy various kinds of humiliation. It could also be that it is a thrill to have a beautiful woman laugh at their small penis, and the laughter and mockery is the real erotic thrill. Some men even enjoy small penis humiliation when they possess an average to above average penis. Others like to have the size of their small penis compared to that of a very large penis, making their little prick even more insignificant, heightening arousal via humiliation.

It could also be the thought of having such a small cock could eventually push the woman in his life into the arms and eventually bed of another man, with a larger much more pleasing cock. Or that since his cock is small the woman in his life would choose to push him around and dominate him because he is considered “weak” in this area. Some men in high profile positions also enjoy being the lesser in an intimate relationship, so the humiliated small cock makes him inferior to the other possible mates available to the women he lusts for, even those not as wealthy or that fail in areas the small pricked male may excel in.

There are those males that would be staunchly opposed to their mates having sexual relations with another man, and choose to purchase various dildo’s or masturbatory aids for their mates. Some are even forced into the situation by the female partner because they lack the ability to please her sexually. The ease of access to such aids has lead to another kind of small penis humiliation, by being compared to a rubber inanimate object that can bring more pleasure then a small cock can. Today a device can be purchased which is slid over the head of an inadequate penis, which will make it longer and thicker by way of prosthetic. Numerous men are subjected to extreme humiliation in this manner, by being forced to have sex with a fake penis attached to their body in order to bring pleasure to the other partner.


Overcompensation in Small Dicked Men


It has been said many men may over compensate for their lack of a large penis with high powered jobs and big fast cars. It can be argued that the possession of over the top homes, cars and clothes could be simple compensation to make them feel like a bigger or better man. Or they could own and obtain these things in hopes of attracting a beautiful woman that would be willing to over look their short comings. It has also been said that if a man is overtly kind and giving and often puts off sexual interaction with a woman he is dating, that he may have a tiny penis. He is attempting to “get the girl” prior to dropping his pants in hopes she will stay with him for his other attributes. This could be why many women will push the issue of sex if there has been substantial time spent on courting without sexual advances, they need to see for themselves if the male is satisfactory and worth pursuing.

Some men have been known to go over the edge in situations to try to fool or trick a woman into an emotional bond prior to revealing his actually penis size. Over the years men have stuffed their pants with everything from socks to flashlights in order to give the appearance of having more then they actually do. Often the stuffing is wildly over exaggerated and would appear to most as almost humanly impossible. On the market now is a product similar to the wonder bra, the wonder brief, same concept as the wonder bra, it over exaggerates the genitalia making it appear larger. As if no one would notice the difference when the lights go out, but it does have a market and many pin dicked men are purchasing this product.


Seeking Out Small Cock Humiliation Experiences


Some men are so sexually charged by the humiliation of their small penis that they will actually do just the opposite of stereotypes and seek out women to laugh and degrade them over penis size inadequacies. These men can often be serial daters going from one woman to another to get that initial small cock shock, as well as an exhibitionist willing to drop their pants given the right occasion to show off just what they do not have. Some time ago shock jock Howard Stern actually did a show that involved men with small pricks, appearing live on his show naked. They were mocked and taunted publicly by the staff of the show, while most all remained flaccid at the time some of them were sure to have enjoyed the public spectacle later using the experience for sexual fodder. — Contributed by Ms Elizabeth


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