Why Do Men Find Small Penis Humiliation So Exciting?


I have a small penis and find small penis humiliation very exciting! After slowly removing all my clothes, I stood in the bedroom, nervously waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. It would be our first time together, after a few dates and while I’d been in this position many times, the moment she saw me naked – the first moment – is always the one I relish the most.

It’s as though our whole relationship has been building up to the time when she will find out. My stomach tightens, cock getting harder, waiting and remembering the first time and how shocked I was by the intensity of the orgasm that followed.


Mean Girls are What I Need


See, I’d spent the first part of my college years dating girls I knew from home. Nice girls who liked me for me and wouldn’t say a bad word about their “boyfriend” . The one I took to prom even sucked me off for five minutes in the back seat of the car and never said a word. In fact she was happy I came so fast. I wasn’t aware at the time that maybe, just maybe she wasn’t enjoying sucking something so small.

Nope, I thought I was, unlike other guys, really considerate for cumming before her mouth got tired. These girls usually ended up moving on to someone else after we’d had sex, but my friends who didn’t know, just thought I had the magic gift of being able to fuck a girl and not have her get all attached. They thought it, so I started to believe that too. Besides it wasn’t like sex was all that great, no one was really tight enough.

Then I met Jackie. She was a bitch, but a hot bitch. Her roommate was dating my buddy and they set us up. I’m good looking, so she was happy to go out with me and like I said, she was HOT. She had that long black hair and green eye combination that makes you hard just looking at her and I was always hard.

She wasn’t the nicest girl, but she liked me and after a couple of dates she told me it was time we had sex instead of the other way around. Excited I started undressing and she did too. Those breasts and her flat stomach, got me so turned on I knew it would be fast and thought about how thrilled she’d be since she’d already let me know she liked blow jobs.

The thing is”¦we never got that far. As I dropped my pants and stood up, her eyes widened and the emotions running across her face went from shock to rage, to amusement in a matter of moments and she started to laugh. Not just a little bit, but giggles that led to pointed and gasping. “Oh my god, your cock is so small!” she said and indicated with her fingers that it was only inches. I was horrified and so fucking turned on by the laughing and name calling I came right there. Which only pissed her off. It was then and there I realized I enjoyed small penis humiliation.


Small Penis Humiliation: Show Time at the Tiny Dick Theater


She called me a worthless dickless jerk, grabbed her clothes, and left. I came again about ten minutes later thinking about the look on her face. That’s when I knew I loved the humiliation of a woman seeing my cock and saying what she really thought about it. All those girls who were “nice” and didn’t tell me they couldn’t feel me when I was fucking them or that their mouth would never get tired of sucking because it was like sucking their finger never really did it for me. It was the bitch who told the truth and then told all her friends, who really did it for me.

From then on, I made sure that any girl I went out with, was a bitch. They aren’t hard to find, especially if you look for the really hot babes. They don’t have to put up with little dick losers so they won’t. One even laughingly said to put it in her and then kept saying “go ahead and put it in” even though I was in and pumping away.

This girl I’m waiting for is no different. She’s already talked to me about how much she hates having sex with guys who can’t go really deep. And that she’s broken up with men because they just weren’t able to get her turned on. I of course assured her that would be no problem for me. I know she’s going to scream and yell and eventually laugh when she opens the door and I’m standing here, proudly displaying my three inches.

Oh, the bathroom light just went off “¦Small penis humiliation show time!


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