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Why does it Turn me on When she Ignores me?


Are you asking yourself right now, “Why do I get excited when she ignores me?” Do you sit and wonder why being ignored by a hot woman gets your cock hard? Well I’m going to talk to you about that because there are a few reasons, not the least of which being that you just happen to have an Ignore Fetish.

This is also sometimes referred to as a Rejection fetish. Whichever you want to call it, in the end it comes down to one thing. Your cock gets hard when no one pays attention to you.


She Ignores Me: Do People Usually Listen to You?


Ignoring you is fun and easy. After all you aren’t all that significant to begin with are you? Of course not! And the fact that you get excited when I or any other woman ignores says that you know that is what you really deserve. You probably have a life where people pay attention to you when you speak and you know that they shouldn’t because you are not that important.

You see them waiting and know they are listening to everything you say, when really it’s nothing they couldn’t do without you. Maybe you are the boss and they have to because they are afraid you’ll fire them if they act as bored as they really are by your conversation. Or maybe they are just being polite.

People do that sometimes. They listen to you, or pretend to, or they talk with you for hours when really they are wishing you would shut up and go away. Or better yet they have totally tuned you out and are really ignoring you.


Remember that One Girl At the Bar?”¦


You know, like when you are trying to pick up a girl in a bar who is way out of your league. I mean she’s a ten and you are like a three and you know it. But it starts out okay, you ask her a few questions, she smiles and answer you. She even asks you a couple and so you know she’s interested and start telling her a little about yourself.

The problem is, she was just being polite. She doesn’t really care about you at all, so while you’re standing next to her stool a the bar, she’s letting her eyes wander around the room, thinking of a way to escape or maybe just listening to music. But she nods and glances at you and smiles a little so you don’t know she’s been ignoring you for fifteen minutes until the ultimate rejection comes.

The time when you ask her a question and she doesn’t answer, so you ask again and she says “Yep sure!” But the question was “What’s your favorite movie?” That’s when you know for sure she’s been ignoring you and your cock gets instantly hard.


She Ignores Me: Mistresses Don’t Pretend To Listen To You


The great thing about an Ignore Mistress is we don’t bother to pretend we care what you are saying or doing. When you start talking to us, we don’t look at you and nod or even bother to listen. Because whatever it is you are telling us can’t possibly be as important as the conversation we are having with our friends.

And it gets you excited because you know you deserve to be ignored and shouldn’t we all get exactly what we deserve? Of course we all want that! So, your cock gets all excited when it realizes you are being given just what you deserve. You are being rejected and ignored.

My friends and I can chat for hours without ever looking at you, unless it’s to see when we want to rest our feet. That is how insignificant you are to a Mistress and you need that. You crave the honest rejection and humiliation of being ignored. Even in public. When your Mistress lets you follow her and her friends to the mall and then completely and totally ignores you, you get excited. Or at parties.

That’s my personal favorite and you know it turns you on, You’re invited to the party, just be ignored. Sitting next to your Mistress hoping that for even one brief moment she will look at you or speak to you, even if it’s just a give you an order. But she won’t. I know I never do! If I have a subbie there who deserves to be ignored, even if he acts out,

I still ignore him. Even if he starts stroking himself right there at the party. After all you know it turns you on and you can’t help humiliating yourself in the desperate attempt to get my attention. Which you won’t!