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Does it feel weird to you--when you're walking down the street and you hear that giggle? You know the giggle I'm talking about, don't lie. It's the one you ALWAYS hear whenever a friend of mine sees you on the street and they realize who you are. Or rather, what you are.

Not Quite Good Enough

It's that burning shame that sits in your gut, isn't it? No, not because you're the guy all my friends know is a bitch--and a pathetic one if we're being totally honest--but because YOU know what you are and it turns you on. The whispers you hear whenever you walk past someone--the slightly less-than-subtle giggles whenever you're around a woman that's either seen you naked or knows someone that has--the abject terror of thinking someone MIGHT see you naked?! And the half-chub you walk around with that goes along with that humiliation.

Duchess of Degradation

I'm the kind of girl who doesn't have a problem with putting you in your place. Whether it's because you have a small cock, no stamina or you're just an overall loser--I'll point out every failing you have. Why? Because I can, of course! Understand something--regardless of the title used (Princess, Duchess, Queen) I'm the kind of girl that is used to getting my way through whatever means necessary. If that means I have to exploit your failings, post your humiliation or spread your shame around to everyone, I will. Because the only person whose feelings matter here are mine. I don't care if you feel bad (actually that's not true--I care a lot. The worse you feel, the funnier it is for me!) and I'm not going to stop picking at all your weaknesses until you can't tell if you're turned on or mortified!