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Humiliation Erotica


Please enjoy reading this humiliation erotica. Below are stories articles pertaining to humiliation and incorporating humiliation into other fetishes.


So, you have a small penis! And you’re searching for “small penis humiliation”, hoping you’ll find some articles on the internet telling you that having a small penis is OKAY, or that women don’t REALLY care about the size of your penis. I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place for that sort of reassurance, because women really do care a lot about the size of your dick. Keep reading Small Penis Humiliation for proof.

Erotic humiliation is a psychological emotion that occurs when a person becomes aroused by giving or receiving humiliation. These individuals find the practice of being demeaned exciting, whether or not the act of humiliation itself is sexual in nature. The eroticism is derived from the feelings brought about from the humiliation, not from the activity itself, whether it be physical or emotional in nature. Continue reading Types Of Erotic Humiliation to learn more about this wonderfully fun fetish.

Verbal humiliation refers to verbal insults and name-calling; erotic humiliation occurs when sexual pleasure is derived from verbally humiliating another or being verbally humiliated by another. Verbal humiliation can range from mildly erotic to complete degradation. Mild humiliation occurs verbally in many sexual role-play scenarios where certain trigger words further excite those involved. Interestingly, a person may find certain verbal insults to be extremely exciting and other similar insults to be a complete turn-off. If you’re interested in learning more about Verbal Humiliation, keep reading!

Do you have a little cock and need small cock humiliation? A puny little dick that, I’m sure, you are stroking right now? Have you considered your little cock and it’s usefulness to women? Do you like small penis humiliation? The reason these questions are being asked is because it’s important to contemplate your small cock and what you intend on doing with it. Read Small Cock Humiliation and then call us to enjoy your humiliation session.

What is Sensual Humiliation? What is Sensual Humiliation? Here’s an example: You’re coming out of the bathroom after showering. You’re drying off as your FemDom is getting dressed in the bedroom. As you enter, she looks at you and says, “You are a worthless loser.” Then she comes over and kisses you and walks out the door to go where? You don’t know because she doesn’t think it’s necessary to tell you. Does this kind of scene make your cock throb? If so, you might be into sensual humiliation.

To start with, I want you to know where exactly I am coming from with this public humiliation situation. I used to be adored by all. I was head cheerleader, prom queen, homecoming queen, valedictorian, editor on the yearbook, and organizer of various events.I gave up my hopes and dreams for this man. Because I loved him. Because I honored and cherished him. Because I wanted to make him happy. Then, not so long ago, I found out the ginger-headed motherfucker was cheating on me! Read Wife Arranges Public Humiliation for Cheating Husband.

Sensual Humiliation. When people hear the word humiliation used in reference to a sexual fetish, they tend to think of what is known as hardcore humiliation, verbal insults and the like, but not all humiliation is hardcore. Humiliation can also be very subtle and sensual; an incredible turn-on. Keep reading Why is Sensual Humiliation Such a Turn-on?

I have a humiliation femdom. I know that sounds awkward, but that’s what I love to call her because she’s an expert in erotic humiliation. Secretly I call her the humiliating femdom if I’m pissed off at her and the exhilarating femdom if I’m happy with her. Either way, she is one woman that I couldn’t do without! Continue reading to learn Why I Have a Humiliation Femdom.

Dear Mistress, I’ve completed the public humiliation assignment you assigned to me. Now, I’m writing to you to tell you how it went, as you instructed me to. I hope this letter pleases you. It took me a couple of days to make sure all your instructions were realized. Keep reading one submissive’s Public Humiliation Assignment.

I bet you think you’ve been through every sort of erotic humiliation there is, don’t you? You probably think that because a woman laughed at your cock or made you get naked for her while she kept all her clothes on so that she could laugh at your dick some more, you’ve done all there is to do when it comes to being humiliated. But think again… You haven’t experienced coerced bi humiliation in its fullest yet. Read more about Coerced Bi Humiliation!

Boy, did I experience the worst (and the best) wedding day humiliation, ever! When I saw the guest list with one of the new guys at work on there as a single, I had a feeling a slight memory of her flirting with him at the company Christmas party, but quickly put it out of my mind. It was our Wedding Day after all and I was acting like a paranoid woman. Read one man’s tale of Wedding Day Humiliation.

Let me tell you about the The Ultimate Humiliation. I have been a professional femdom Mistress for about 11 years now. In my 11 years, I have seen many different types of submissive men come through my dungeon; all with varying fetishes, dark desires and dirty secrets. In a way, every fetish is a link to erotic humiliation. Every man who crosses the doorway to my dungeon is looking to be stripped of his pride and dignity, to be aroused by a powerful Dominant woman.

The Psychology of Humiliation goes much deeper than a quick fap. Humiliation is, in fact, one of the strongest human emotions; these feelings can often consume you and become so intense that you would do anything you are told. Humiliation is a very basic human emotion, one that when properly exploited can take a humiliation slave to new heights of both submission and sexual arousal. Erotic humiliation is the systematic use of psychological humiliation during a sexual encounter.

I think I just endured the most humiliating thing I’ve ever experienced last night; cuckold humiliation. I’ve never been so profoundly ashamed and turned on all at the same time. I’ve always known my beautiful Humiliatrix was skilled, but I never realized just how skilled until last night. Read more about a Mistress’s Cuckold Humiliation Of Her Slave

Let’s look at some fun public humiliation scenarios. Do you remember the old “advice” for public speaking? Imagining the entire room naked or in their underwear? This is supposed to make the speaker less embarrassed and a little calmer. On the flip side of this, I am sure that you as well as most others have had the nightmare of standing before a room of peers, completely naked. It is not hard to understand that erotic humiliation can come in all forms, varieties, and extremes. Public Humiliation Scenarios are endless.

I’m Dave and I love strap-on humiliation. I live in Tukwilla, close to Seattle if you know the northwest at all. Born and raised here, so the rain doesn’t get to me like it does the tourists. I own a coffee shop downtown called The Percolator. That’s where I met Shane. She was a customer, as hot as the lattes she always ordered. All it took was two dates for her to turn me on to the horny new world of — strap-on humiliation! Keep reading for Dave’s tale: Strap-on Humiliation: My Unexpected Pleasure

We all know what humiliation is. But do you know there are many different types of humiliation and even many types of sensual humiliation. Even if we can’t rattle off a textbook definition, we all have memories of humiliating experiences– forgetting your speech in your undergraduate debate class or having your swim trunks fall to your ankles when you jump from the diving board as your girlfriend’s friends look on– there are endless examples. Continue reading Types of Sensual Humiliation.

Many of the Mistresses here at the Enchantrix Empire love masturbation humiliation- mixing humiliation with masturbation. Here are six of my favorite ways to embarrass you with masturbation. Keep reading Masturbation Humiliation For A Slave

I met my Coached Bi Mistress on the beach last year. It was a sunny day during my two week vacation. My wife had gone shopping and left me alone on the beach with some random mystery novels to read. I was just settling into my beach chair with a beer when this woman comes up and asks me if she can sit beside me. I say yes, of course, and proceed to read my book. I make a point of not looking at her closely. Read a tale of Sensual Coached Bi fun.

Look, I just want to get one thing out of the way to start off. I love being sissified but I am not a homo. Yeah, I do not usually get down with any of that gay stuff. It is not that I have anything against them, you understand. You want to choke on another dude’s sweaty cock, that is your own business. I just want to make that clear right here and now, it is not something I go for, you know? Well, normally. That is where the meat of this particular story lies. The story of a Straight Guy Sissified is right here!

I Love Humiliation! Is That Okay?” We Femdom Mistresses hear this a lot. A very common question among men who are just discovering their interest in erotic humiliation is “Is there something wrong with me for liking to be humiliated by a Mistress?”

A question that we phone sex Femdoms often hear is “Is My Penis Too Small, Mistress?” The men who ask this question usually expect a simple answer, but the truth is, there’s rarely a simple answer. It’s actually a rather complex question when it comes right down to it.

Everyone has an addiction. We all find that our desires sometimes get the better of us and we can’t control ourselves. This is when we need someone to help us with this control. I like to think of myself in these terms, as an addict. Granted that’s not normally how people want to be seen, drug addicts pretend they don’t need them to function. Read Humiliation: My Drug of Choice for one take on this fetish.

This is a story of Restaurant Humiliation. Brandon was sitting nervously at a table at Le Crux, an urban upscale bar. It was five to nine, and he was both tense and excited. He was to meet Linda, or Mistress Linda as he would later learn to address her. He had first contacted Mistress Linda on an online fetish forum for erotic humiliation, but little did he know that the night had more in store than he first asked for.

If you’ve been interested in erotic humiliation for very long, you’ve probably run across the term “Humiliatrix,” either on the web or in your everyday life. But what does that word mean exactly? What is the role of a Humiliatrix, and what are the implications of that role? We’re going to do our best to answer all those questions for you. Read What Is A Humiliatrix?

I Love To Be Humiliated and Ignored Any kind of humiliation will do. I love to be laughed at and ignored. I have a Mistress that does both. I pay her lots of money to humiliate me in new and exciting ways each week.

I love when my wife ignores me. I never knew that I liked being ignored until my wife started ignoring me. Now I love it, but I’m not going to tell her that I love it. She thinks she’s punishing me for being a “cheating ass loser”, but really it makes me so hot when she treats me like I’m not even there! It Turns Me On When My Wife Ignores Me

I’ve been a Mistress for several years now and my favorite thing to do is watch my slaves suck cock. I don’t have to be mean about it, either, most of the time. I have found that most men want to try it at least once, if not more than once. So I make it my duty to convince my slaves to try it whether they originally think they want to or not. Read Suck Cock For Me and then get on your knees!

Tonight, I will be cuckolding my husband. I left him at home and joined my girlfriends for a “girl’s night out.” I could tell he wasn’t happy, but what was he going to say? We had been married several years and been lovers (if you want to call fucking for five minutes with little foreplay being lovers) for a couple of years before that while we were in college. My husband never took my breath away. I thought it would be all right, because security means more than love and sexual attraction. Now, almost a decade later, I see how wrong I was. Read The Sensual Domination of Cuckolding for a tale of humiliation and sexual fulfillment.

This is the story of My Introduction to Cum-Eating Humiliation. I loved New Year’s Eve parties, and this year was no different. I’d been invited to three but chose the one that I knew would have the hottest women in attendance— Jackies’s party.

Hello. I want to tell you about how Phone Humiliation Spilled Over Into Real Life for me. My name is Steve. I’m kind of an erotic humiliation lover. Ok, well, there’s really no “kind of” to it. I’m a total humiliation slut. I honestly just can’t get enough! I’ve been getting my thrills through phone humiliation lately. I have a phone sex Mistress who loves humiliating me, and I love following all her commands.

You enjoy cum eating, don’t you? You’re a closet cum eater. Whether you actually follow through with it and eat your cum, or not, you’re still a closet cum eater. Why does it excite you so much? It would humiliate and embarrass the living daylights out of you to actually have to tell somebody you fantasize about it. Worse yet, what if you actually got the balls to try eating your cum and your wife or girlfriend walked in on you just as you were lapping it off your fingers? Read Cum Eating Humiliation for more humiliation.

I have been “getting off” on humiliating people my entire life if you wanted me to be completely honest. I have no real discriminatory qualifications for whom it is that I want to humiliate; some are simply easier victims of humiliation than others. Humiliation is tied to a plethora of human emotions that are often very conflicting emotions when experienced in conjunction with each other. This is what makes my life as a humiliation Mistress all the more interesting. I am basically toying with the emotional and sexual arousal of a slave merely for my own twisted amusement. Read Part One Delivery Boy’s Descent Into Humiliation Slavery part I And then continue the tale with Part Two: I knew that I had the upper hand already in this situation as I stared at this once innocent delivery boy. Delivery Boy’s Descent Into Humiliation Slavery part II!

There are so many ways to humiliate a man. Some may work better than others, but a Mistress always has many methods at her disposal. Which one will be the most effective often depends on the submissive she’s planning on humiliating, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t have her own favorite ways of doing things. Read Cuckold Creampie Surprise Erotic Humiliation for just a few of the humiliation methods at our fingertips.

I didn’t ask to be a cuckold. I didn’t know I even was a cuckold until recently. Now I don’t know what to do. I feel so humiliated. I found out my wife is cheating on me and has been for quite some time. I don’t know who he is, but I know there is someone else. I felt that something had changed between us, but didn’t know what it was or why it had happened. Keep reading Humiliated Into Being a Cuckold.

Some might argue that being locked in chastity is a humiliating enough experience in and of itself, and I will agree with that to some extent. Being locked in chastity usually means that your cock is so useless and insignificant to your Femdom Mistress that she’d rather lock it away and forget about it, rather than having the headache of dealing with it. But there are still other ways to humiliate a chastity slave–ways that tend to magnify the embarrassment of having a worthless, chaste dick! Continue reading about the Humiliation Of A Male Chastity Slave.

Staring at the strap on in front of me, I wonder for only a moment how I ended up here. My cock was hard and aching, waiting for her. Oh that sounds like what most men do doesn’t it? Just waiting for this gorgeous woman, with your cock hard. The difference here is mine has gotten steadily harder since she attached that long hard strap on. I’d like to pretend that isn’t true, but she would never stand for that! Instead, she likes to hear me admit how much I like it. So how did we end up here? Read Humiliation with Strapons to learn exactly how we ended up there!

Let me tell you about a crossdresser’s public humiliation. I am a Femdom phone sex Mistress primarily based in the United Kingdom, but I like to get over State side every now and again. Back home, I have a crossdressing chastity slave who sometimes can break away from his boring old desk job and come over with me. Read more about a Crossdresser’s Public Humiliation.

Let me tell you about the time I gave my husband a public humiliation. I am frequently bored. I should tell you a bit about myself. I am a woman of adequate means, meaning I have a high-end house in a middle-end suburb. My husband makes money hand over fist at his firm, so I do not have to work. On any given day, I can be found watching the declining soap opera or a daytime talk show, with a glass of wine… Keep reading Bored Housewife Tries Public Humiliation for the rest of the story!

Some would say I have a problem, but I don’t see it that way. What I am doing is not hurting anybody and it isn’t keeping me from going about my daily responsibilities. Most days, anyway. In fact, I wanted to masturbate more, in hopes that my secret fantasy would come true. I’ve always fantasized about being caught in the act; that my girlfriend walking in on me while masturbating. Read Masturbation: Caught in the Act to learn how one man’s dream came true.

I am not sure how to go about this, so I will just say it. I am a CFNM humiliation pet. It is my first time writing this sort of confession down and it’s exciting and humiliating. I am the slave of a mean Mistress, and, well, I love it. That, I do not mind admitting out loud anymore. For the longest time, it was rather humiliating. You can call it erotic humiliation if you wish, but either way, humiliation is humiliation. Continue reading CFNM Humiliation Pet for all the details.

Chastity refers to being locked in a device, also known as a cock cage, is typically used for long-term orgasm denial. The submissive is put in the cage and the keys are turned over to the dominant for safekeeping. There are a number of reasons to put a man in chastity, but the one thing they all have in common is the underlying note of humiliation. Want to know more about Chastity Humiliation?

Let’s talk about cock tease and humiliation. I love the mall, don’t you? It’s one of my favorite places to have fun and honestly, it is a great place to be a cock tease! There is a plethora of men who are just aching to have a hot woman pay attention to them.Let’s talk about cock tease and humiliation. I love the mall, don’t you? It’s one of my favorite places to have fun and honestly, it is a great place to be a cock tease! There is a plethora of men who are just aching to have a hot woman pay attention to them. Learn all about Cock Tease and Humiliation.

Let’s take a look at chastity humiliation. Chastity is a form of orgasm denial that maintains a heightened state of sexual arousal in the submissive, without direct genital stimulation. A chastity device, also known as a cock cage, is typically used for long term orgasm denial. The submissive is put in the cage and the keys turned over to the dominant for safe keeping. Read What is Chastity Humiliation? 

This is a fun story about bisexual humiliation. Normally, when I play with my pets, it’s one-on-one. Yes, I do have my cuckold slaves, where there are two guys involved, but that’s really only one “player” – the cuck. The Bull is there for me, and while they may enjoy being sucked by my fluffer, that Bull isn’t really there for the cuckolding part. On occasion, I have entertained couples, but she’s usually there so that I can show her how to dominate her submissive husband. But recently two of my submissive pets entertained me with some Bisexual Humiliation.

Everyone has a point in their marriage where things get…dull. We all become so enmeshed in our day-to-day lives that we forget all about that raw passion and spark that brought us together long before marriage and career. In many ways, my husband was naturally submissive. This was something that he never would have readily admitted to. He would never have told me of his secret desires that just so happened to coincide with my own kinky desires. Read An Exploration of Humiliation: A Husband’s Secret is Discovered for a tale of erotic awakening. And then continue the tale in An Exploration of Humiliation: The Game Begins. Philip had, somewhat begrudgingly, decided to agree to the madness that was to ensue from this erotic humiliation game. He had stood before me, red with embarrassment and a rock-hard cock from just the thought of his femdom wife dominating him with erotic humiliation.

Even big strong manly men in the service can feel the need to relax and let go with a little humiliation masturbation. Here’s two tales of servicemen who love the rush of humiliation and the erotic charge that comes from taking orders from a femdom. Read A Soldier’s Story: Semper Fi, Sissified to explore themes of feminization and humiliation. Enjoy A Soldier’s Story: Humiliation Phone Sex for a blush-worthy story of intense humiliation for one very happily embarrassed servicemember!

As many of you may have read, my husband and I went from living a very vanilla life of the everyday mundane routine to a more kinky lifestyle. We had a stylish home in the city, and much of what everyone around us wished to have. We had fulfilled the American dream. What comes next for this kinky couple? Read A Deeper Exploration Into Humiliation to find out!

A cuckoldress and one of the wonderful and beautiful Mistresses here at LDW was cool and generous enough to let me ask her some questions about her feelings about cuckolds and their place in her life. Below are her answers. I’m sure you cuckies and cuckie-wanna-bes will LOVE hearing what she has to say! Read A Cuckoldress Speaks for all the confessional tales of a Mistress!

Humiliation Comes In Many Forms While some forms of erotic humiliation are strict, stern, and intense, there is another side to sexual humiliation. If the idea of a strict, stern domme is too intense for your tastes, you might enjoy a more sensual approach to erotic humiliation. Sensual humiliation gives you the degradation, submission, and embarrassment that you crave, but it does so with a sexy, sensuous finesse.

It’s true; everyone gets the humiliation they deserve! It seems that every loser’s credo is “Life isn’t fair.” Whether you’re a jealous cuckold, under-endowed pindick, or prissy sissy bitch, you’ve likely whined about how life isn’t fair to men like you. Here’s a harsh dose of reality: your inadequacies landed you here. You have no one to blame but yourself. Read all about how Everyone Gets the Humiliation They Deserve.

Sometimes a sissy just doesn’t know they are a sissy, or they know but they just can’t face it quite yet and I have to step in and show them their true nature. This happened one night, with a friend of mine, we’ll call him Steve. He was built more like a girl than a guy, slim hips and long legs, delicate hands, graceful fingers; a full soft mouth and he even wore his hair a little longer than most guys. Steve was the most obvious sissy ever to me and my girlfriends. Keep reading Showing a Sissy his True Nature Through Humiliation to learn how Steve was shown the truth of himself.

Sensual Small Penis Humiliation, who knew it was a thing? There’s a good reason for all you girls to never fall in love long distance. You run the risk of falling for a man with a teeny tiny cock. Believe me. I should know. Once, after having a hot long-distance thing with this guy, I started dating him, or I planned to start. After I met him, and we got naked, I was – well let’s just say – disappointed. Sucking his cock was like sucking on my lipstick tube. I’m not even a size queen, but sometimes size really does matter!

Sensual humiliation can be delivered to emasculated submissives in so many different ways. It can be in words, like calling a submissive a slut, a whore, or a bitch. It can be when a Mistress makes fun of his tiny penis (even if the said penis is average or of adequate size, having a Mistress tell you it’s just not big enough for her can be a real ego killer!). It can be in actions, such as when she takes him over her knee and spanks his naughty bottom. Here are five of my favorite ways to humiliate a submissive when I’m in a sensual mood. Read Sensual Humiliation For An Emasculated Submissive for hot erotic humiliation techniques.

“I want to try something different tonight,” Sara said. Sara is what you might call adventurous. The last time she wanted to “try something different” it ended up with me pouring liquid latex all over her body then fucking her until she begged for mercy. Before that, it was taking her to a swinger party where she wore nothing but a pink ribbon tied through her clit ring. Life with Sara was never dull. Read all about what Sara got up to in My First Humiliation Experience: She Made Me Beg!

Let’s talk about female supremacy and humiliation. Females are superior to males in every way. They just are. Some men try to deny it, try to tell themselves that males are far more superior, but there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I’m Ron, and I believe women should rule the world. Hell, they practically do, whether anybody realizes it, or not. Tease and Denial. Cock Control. Whether they are overt about what they are doing or whether they are sneaky about it, the bottom line is that women are in control. Keep reading for a masculine take on Female Supremacy and Humiliation.

My name is Alex and I am a submissive who loves humiliation and objectification. I have been with my Mistress for better than 10 years now and as her slave have been made to do all sorts of demeaning, degrading, and humiliating tasks. One of the things I do most often for her has become human furniture. I have been made to get on my hands and knees and hold a tabletop on my back, serving as a coffee table for hours on end. Read more about Humiliation and Objectification: My Life as a Foot Stool; do you yearn to be used by your Mistress?

Many sexual role play scenarios have underlying themes of humiliation. For many, this humiliation is erotic and sexually exciting. Not all sexual role play contains elements of humiliation but humiliation can be added into almost any role play scenario. The types of scenarios that can be used for humiliation role play are only limited by the imagination of those involved, but some of the most common ones are master/mistress and slave, human-animal role play, objectification (such as human furniture), and ritualistic role play. Continue reading about Humiliation Role Play Scenarios. Do you have a favorite?

Everybody knows that to control a man you must control his cock. And tease and denial is just the way to do it. Men are helpless when it comes to resisting the charm of a beautiful woman. This is because they are wired to think with their cocks instead of their brains when they are around attractive women. Want to know more about Tease and Denial Humiliation? Click the link and enjoy.

Hi there. My name is John and I love being punished in front of others. I’m married to Lola. For years, Lola has bossed me around and treated me as if I can’t think for myself. Always talking down to me, always complaining about how everything I do affects her, never caring how it affects me. My friends say I’m whipped; that Lola’s a bitch and I’m her little bitchboy. Continue reading Punished in Front of Others.

He’s going to be My good boy, he just doesn’t know it yet. He walks by my cube every day on the way to his corner office. He wears those beautiful thousand-dollar suits and his briefcase probably costs more than my laptop. The three hundred people who report to him tremble when he glances their way. I see his direct reports smile at him and kiss his ass, and he laughs like it’s his due. I’m fairly certain that he doesn’t know I’m alive. That’s going to change, and he’ll be such a good boy for me soon. Read Good Boy! Humiliation with a Smile!.

I love being humiliated and excited! Humiliation and excitement go hand in hand for me. They have to; otherwise, I would never get any sexual satisfaction. You see, I have a very small penis on top of something known as “disappearing penis.” Want to find out what that is? Keep reading Humiliated and Excited!

The word cuckold is synonymous with humiliation. After all, the term was derived from a type of cuckoo bird who lays eggs and leaves the male to look after them in the nest while she goes off to sew her wild oats. The dictionary defines a cuckold as “a man whose wife is unfaithful,” and I suppose while that is the literal interpretation, there are other contributing factors, such as his sexual inadequacy or her superiority. Read A Cuckold’s Humiliation and enjoy a dose of cuck humiliation.

Public humiliation occurs when an individual gets sexually aroused by being humiliated in front of others. The term is a bit misleading because it doesn’t necessarily mean in a public place, but rather the fact that others are witnessing the humiliation. Public humiliation can occur in the privacy of the home with invited guests watching or it can occur in a public place, such as a parking lot, public park, mall, etc. Continue reading all about What is Public Humiliation and Why is it so Exciting?

As with any form of erotic humiliation, what one person may find mortifying, another person may find exciting. Humiliation stimulates the same region of the brain that is associated with physical pain and is adjacent to the region that experiences sexual pleasure. Want to know why SPH is hot? Keep reading: SPH: Small Penis Humiliation.

Erotic Humiliation. Does it sound like an oxymoron? Think again. The pleasure center and the pain center in the brain are very closely connected, which is why we often hear sayings like “hurts so good.” You may be thinking to yourself, “I understand the physical pleasure/pain line but I just don’t get the whole psychological pleasure/pain thing.” If so, read on. Maybe you’ll change your mind and at least decide to give it a try! Read What is Erotic Humiliation?

What is sensual humiliation? Let’s take a look. The sexual world has always been one of many practices, excitements, and flavors. From dressing up to spankings, there is something for everyone. An enjoyable and popular practice in that world of sexual adventure is sensual humiliation. Continue reading What is Sensual Humiliation?

After slowly removing all my clothes, I stood in the bedroom, nervously waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. It would be our first time together, after a few dates and while I’d been in this position many times, the moment she saw me naked – the first moment – is always the one I relish the most. Keep reading to find out Why Do Men Find Small Penis Humiliation So Exciting?

Hi there! My name is Bob, and I was humiliated and caught in the act of masturbating. I’m a masturbation addict. I have been masturbating every day, sometimes several times a day, for as long as I can remember. I look forward to each masturbation session and sometimes have spent an entire day masturbating, keeping my orgasm at bay, teasing and edging for hours! Read Humiliated: Caught in the Act and then arrange your own ‘caught in the act’ moment!

Did you know that all erotic humiliation is a type of BDSM play? It is! You can learn more about what all the letters in the acronym mean by reading BDSM and Humiliation, and remember to talk about your limits and then explore your desires with your Mistress when you call us!

Most of the people into female domination are not aware is that female dominance is much older than they think. Even if the 20 and 21st century is the age where women started getting their rights to vote, serve military and fight for advancement in modern society, it is totally wrong to believe that upgrowth of female domination started recently. Keep reading Female Supremacy and Humiliation to learn more!

Mistress Daphne muses: What is humiliation? There are so many ways to define Humiliation. It would be best to show you what kinds of Femdom Humiliation are out there. Keep reading What is Humiliation?

Small penis humiliation has always fascinated me. As a lifestyle and phone Dominatrix, there are a plethora of kinks I specialize in, and humiliating a submissive about his small penis is very much one of my favorites. Continue reading What is Small Penis Humiliation and Why do You Need it?

What a great question, What Is A Humiliatrix?! Some who are not familiar might think anyone who humiliates another is a Humiliatrix, but I would beg to differ. Humiliation is an intense kink that you should not be left to the amateurs! Humiliation is not an activity to be taken lightly and does impact a person greatly. Read more of Mistress Erika’s thoughts on What is a Humiliatrix?

Strap-on humiliation. There is nothing quite as sexually taboo as engaging the male submissive in a form of strap-on sex. Let’s face it, for all intents and purposes, when we think of sexual intercourse, it is traditionally with the notion that the woman is built for the act of penetration. Sure, male/female couples also have anal sex, but again, it is typically with the woman being on the “receiving” end. Read all about how hot it is to hear your Mistress tell you to Bend Over Bitch: Strapon Humiliation Fun

Do you have a little cock? A puny little dick that, I’m sure, you are stroking right now? Have you considered your little cock and it’s usefulness to women? Do you like small penis humiliation? If you do, read Big Cocks vs. Little Cocks

The concept of CFNM can be difficult for some to understand. One would assume, based on the amount of scantily clad women paraded across the tv/silver screen, magazine lay-outs, music videos and media that men are only interested in women whose naked bodies are on display. While it’s true that viewing the naked female body certainly delights men and women alike, there is a growing phenomenon of males who are even more turned on by being in the presence of a clothed female while the man is completely nude. Take it all off and read this to get you started: CFNM: Erotically Humiliating. Then give us a call!

For some men, humiliation is their one and only kink. It’s the only thing that can be depended on to get them off every single time and the only thing they ask for when they call for humiliation via phone sex. But honestly? Those guys are pretty few and far between. Most men who have humiliation kinks prefer to mix humiliation in with their other fantasies as well. And this is a very wise life decision because humiliation makes (pretty much) every fantasy much hotter! Read How Humiliation makes every Fantasy Hotter.

Have you tried humiliation phone sex? Let’s face it, you love to be humiliated—at least in your fantasies, or perhaps you’ve had some random little humiliating incidents that you certainly think about all the time. How can you expand on your fantasy of being humiliated and experience this on a phone sex call to a Mistress? Keep reading Humiliation Phone Sex: How Does One Experience Humiliation On A Call?

Have you ever experienced Humiliation’s Sweet Sting? Tell me, have you ever sat (or lied) down and wondered what is that recipe that gives verbal humliation its wonderfully poignant sting? It begins with the craving to expose to that special Mistress your unique vulnerabilities—those places of inadequacy inside of you that you feel the need to hide from others. Even as you read this, you are probably nodding in agreement and thinking of what that simple sentence means to you.

Humiliation is my addiction. We all find that our desires sometimes get the better of us and we can’t control ourselves. This is when we need someone to help us with this control. I like to think of myself in these terms, as an addict. Read more about how for some people, erotic humiliation is addictive: Humiliation: My Drug of Choice

Have you ever tried using inflatables to enhance your humiliation experience? You love to be humiliated. You love your Phone Sex Mistress to humiliate you. You have been humiliated in a variety of ways – whether you are into small penis humiliation, or being exposed for the panty sissy you are, or masturbating in front of a group of girls. Have you considered having sex with an inflatable doll? No? Well, why not? Can you imagine? If you can, read Humiliation with Inflatables.

I never knew that I liked being ignored until my wife started ignoring me. Now I love it, but I’m not going to tell her that I love it. She thinks she’s punishing me for being a “cheating ass loser” , but really it makes me so hot when she treats me like I’m not even there! Read It Turns me on when my Wife Ignores me if you also get off on being ingnored!

You are nothing but a humiliation toy for her. The sting of humiliation is fresh in your mind, like a wound that won’t heal. Her unrepentant laughter rings in your ears. You can still hear her say, “Darling, what are you going to do with that little nub? You should be wearing the panties in this house!” After that night, things were never the same. You were instructed to masturbate and cum in your hand. That was the beginning of your life of humiliation. Continue reading Mistress Wifey’s Humiliation Toy for the story of how one man became his wife’s toy!

I am a humiliation slut but you’d never know how much I love being humiliated just by looking at me. In fact if you put me in a line of men and told a panel that one of these men loves to be humiliated I would probably be the last one you’d choose. Meeting me wouldn’t immediately tip you off to the fact that I love being a humiliated slut for my Mistress. Keep reading My Secret Life as a Humiliation Slut!

I love wearing my sissy outfit! My Feminization Mistress loves when I dress up for her. She insists that I be totally dressed in my best sissy clothes whenever she sees me. She goes shopping with me and helps me buy the pieces that look best on me. Read My Sissy Outfit to learn how the clothes make the man, and a cute outfit humiliates the sissy.

You’re probably sitting at a bar, drinking a beer, checking out the sexy blonde with the long legs and nice boobs on the other side of the room. You’re getting hot. You’re getting ready. You can feel the bulge growing in your pants. Then you look down at your hard-on and remember—the last chick you went home with said you were, well, you know, let’s just say she wanted a bigger cock up her cunt. There’s a whole world of women who love men with dinky little dicks. You should give Small Penis Humiliation a try.

Safe, sane and consensual. These three concepts are constantly repeated in the world of BDSM. It all sounds reasonable and lovely in theory, but in the public humiliation arena, these practices take precedence above all else. In this erotic humiliation fetish exploration, we will discuss each of these three tenets, why they matter and how to apply them to your favorite public humiliation scenes so as to avoid serious repercussions. Read Public Humiliation: The Fine Line Between Getting Off And Getting Arrested and make sure you’re on the right side of that line!

Maybe you’re the kind of guy that waits for your girl to make the first move. Or maybe, you’re the opposite. Maybe you’re the kind of guy that jumps-on any cunt that comes along even though the truth is you’d rather have her take charge in the sex department. For both kinds of guys and every guy in between, the world of Sissy Humiliation may be for you. Read all about Sissy Humiliation

In case you didn’t know or hadn’t heard it before- penis size does matter! Do you have a small penis? Do you like to be humiliated? Does it turn you on when you know that other men in the locker room, at work or on your football team have bigger cocks than you? According to, there are at least ten men who have what it takes over your small penis! Continue reading Size DOES Matter, and then work on truly internalizing that fact.

I love small penis humiliation! Honestly, I’ve always had a small dick. When I was in my late teens, I just thought I was late bloomer, you know. I thought for sure college would be better. My dick would thicken up and I’d have raging hot chicks banging down my door begging to get fucked. Boy was I an idiot. Did you dream of having a big swinging cock, only to wind up stuck with a disappointment? Read Small Penis Humiliation:  My Salvation, and give it a try for yourself!

I had an opportunity to sit down and chat recently with an awesome SPH Mistress to get the 411 on this sexy small penis humiliation fetish. I wanted to know why it is that so many men seem to love it and so do lots of Mistresses! So one recent sunny Saturday, she and I had coffee in her beautiful living room and she answered some questions. After some confidential chit chat, I asked her the first question… Read the entire inteview here:Talking to a SPH Mistress

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As with most arenas of the sweet and sweaty world of sex, the difference between sensual humiliation and hardcore humiliation is not a strictly defined one. Both tap into the erotic practice of physical and verbal humiliation for gratification and pleasure. Read all about The Difference between Sensual Humiliation and Hardcore Humiliation.

My wife and I have been married for a few years. She’s a little younger than me and trust me, I know how lucky I am to have such a hot babe who was willing to not only date but marry me. My friends at the time made jokes about my money or how she’d have a lover in a year, but I knew better. Continue reading The Unwitting Cuckold to find out how very wrong this poor cuckie actually was!

You want to humiliate yourself for your Mistress because you know what a pathetic little worm you are, right? There are many ways to do this and if you are not wanting to wait for her dominant instruction, you can always humiliate yourself and snap the pictures to prove it! So how can you humiliate yourself? Well, here are some humiliating ideas: Ways to Humiliate yourself for Mistresswill help you compile ideas for your next humiliation session.

It is the sexual arousal that sexual humiliation brings in its many degrees and variations that drives men to seek out someone, often a Femdom Mistress, that can and will freely laugh at their situation, someone unafraid to taunt them, allowing them the escape for the moment to enjoy that which excites them, no matter how disgracing it may be. Learn the answer to the question What is Sexual Humiliation?

Do you know what your individual brand of humiliation is? I cannot begin to tell you how often I hear the following statements: “I like humiliation.” “I want you to humiliate me.” “I get excited when I am humiliated.” “I enjoy [insert fantasy topic here] with some humiliation.” While these are indicators of one’s personal preferences, the important word to remember here is “individual” . “Humiliation” is a very subjective word, which is uniquely defined by each individual’s unique interpretation of that word. Read What is your Individual Brand of Humiliation? And then, when your Mistress asks what you’re looking for, use your new vocabulary to tell us!

If you get off on being humiliated, you’ve probably wondered, “why do I enjoy being humiliated?” It’s a very common fetish, believe it or not. A lot of people wind up with a humiliation kink without even being aware they have it. After all, the root of all dirty talk is the rush we get from being just a little embarrassed. Embarrassment, humiliation, and arousal are all closely linked in our brains. Keep reading Why do I Enjoy being Humiliated? for the answers to your questions.

Are you asking yourself right now, “Why do I get excited when she ignores me?” Do you sit and wonder why being ignored by a hot woman gets your cock hard? Well I’m going to talk to you about that because there are a few reasons, not the least of which being that you just happen to have an Ignore Fetish. Read Why Does It Turn Me On When She Ignores Me? and then go sit in the corner, quietly, while your Mistress ignores you.

There are some misconceptions among those who are just starting to enjoy the art of erotic humiliation. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a man who enjoys being humiliated always has a small penis. If you don’t have a little dick, you can still be humiliated. After all, there are many things about you that are deeply embarrassing and humiliating. Read You Like Erotic Humiliation but you don’t have a Small Penis for some examples!


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