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So you want to be humiliated. Embarrassment, mortification, and disgrace turn you on. You love to feel the burning heat of shame crawling up your neck and staining your cheeks. You love the way humiliation makes your hands sweat and shake. Of course, there are so many different ways to destroy your self-esteem. Maybe you'll come to me already prepared with a long list of your shortcomings. Maybe everyone already knows that you're a weak-willed, spineless waste of space. Maybe you just need to hear a beautiful woman tell you that even with a thousand years of effort you could never be worthy of her.

Or maybe you require something a little more cerebral. To the outside world, you appear to be the perfect man, handsome and successful. You're respected by your colleagues and admired by your wife. Inside, however, you feel like a fraud. You feel like an imposter who is living a life not meant to be yours. You don't deserve the success, the respect, the admiration. Your insecurities eat at you and you need me to expose them. You need me to deviously worm my way into your mind. Do you want me to whisper sweetly in your ear, and learn all your secret insecurities and use them to degrade you?

We can fantasize, we can roleplay, or I can verbally torment you until your cheeks burn and tears blur your vision. Then I'll walk away and you'll come crawling after me begging and pleading for me to do it all again.