Chastity Humiliation


Chastity refers to being locked in a device, also known as a cock cage, is typically used for long-term orgasm denial. The submissive is put in the cage and the keys are turned over to the dominant for safekeeping. There are a number of reasons to put a man in chastity, but the one thing they all have in common is the underlying note of humiliation.

Wearing the cage around the clock also brings with it the humiliation of worrying that someone might see it or might find out that it is being worn. And, of course, a discovery like that usually brings all sorts of embarrassing and uncomfortable questions to be answered.


Chastity to Ensure Faithfulness and Reduce Arrogance


Chastity is often times imposed on a husband to keep him from straying. If he has been unfaithful in the past or if the wife is concerned he may be unfaithful, she may put him in chastity as a punishment for his indiscretions or as a requirement for her staying with him. How humiliating for him to be constantly reminded of his indiscretions and that his wife considers him unworthy of her trust, every time his penis rubs against the device!


It has been said that many a man needs to be cut down a notch. What better way to accomplish that, than with chastity? All that testosterone flowing through the male body seems to work to convince the brain that he can have any woman he wants; that any woman who “landed” him should consider herself lucky to have such a prize.

They focus on their wants, needs, and pleasures, and may focus on hers only in order to get something he wants. Otherwise, it’s all about him; that is unless he’s locked away in chastity. It’s amazing how chastity has a way of making men more attentive to their partner’s needs!


Better Focus and Submissiveness


Locking that cock is also a way of making a man be more focused on the important things because sexual fantasies don’t keep interrupting his train of thought. Statistics show that most men have a sexual thought every 3 minutes. Think of how much more they could accomplish if they did not have those constant interruptions!

Long-term lockup is the perfect way to squelch those interruptions and make it easier for men to focus on the task at hand, whether it be work, cleaning the gutters, or attending to their wife’s needs.

For centuries, women have been withholding sex as a way to get their men to do what they want them to do. And for good reason. It works! Any Mistress will tell you, “If you want to make a man more submissive, put him in chastity.”


Secondary Chastity


Chastity can be done by itself, or combined with other types of humiliation, such as small penis humiliation, cuckolding or feminization. Secondary locking is usually imposed as a sort of punishment; for not having an adequate penis or for not being a real man who is capable of pleasing a woman. Chastity is also used in feminization training to shift the thinking from having a penis to having a clitty.

There are a lot of reasons for imposing chastity and almost all are to enforce humility on one level or another.