How Humiliation Makes Every Fantasy Hotter


For some men, humiliation is their one and only kink. It’s the only thing that can be depended on to get them off every single time and the only thing they ask for when they call for humiliation via phone sex.


Your Favorite Fetish with a Touch of Humiliation


But honestly? Those guys are pretty few and far between. Most men who have humiliation kinks prefer to mix humiliation in with their other fantasies as well. And this is a very wise life decision because humiliation makes (pretty much) every fantasy much hotter!

Why, you ask? I’m not 100% certain, but I’d guess that it’s probably because the humiliation adds an extra dimension to your fantasies. I mean, you could, for example, wear panties and act like a sissy and get no reaction at all from your partner. Or, alternatively, you could wear panties, act like a sissy, and have your partner either verbally humiliate you or have you humiliate yourself by appearing in public when you’re dressed.

See? The former scenario offers only one kind of gratification–that that you get from just wearing the panties. The latter, however, offers multiple layers of gratification. There’s the pleasure you get from wearing the panties, the way being verbally humiliated makes you feel, and the transgressive thrill you get from wearing your “naughty” clothes in front of others (and the exhibionist thrill you get from their reactions). And that’s just for one simple fantasy. Imagine all the intricate layers you can add on top of a more complex fantasy.


Humiliation Adds to the Fantasy


Think about it. There are a lot of men out there who have cuckold fantasies. They love the idea of seeing their wife, girlfriend, or Mistress with another man–or another woman, in some cases. But it’s very, very rare to run across a man who likes the fantasy simply because he likes watching other people have sex. To them, the watching is hot, of course. But it’s the implication–or sometimes the outright admission–that his woman is fucking another man because the cuck is somehow inadequate that pushes the fantasy from “pretty good” territory and into “totally amazing” territory.

Something similar can be extrapolated to more or less every phone humiliation fantasy you can think of, too. The more popular ones are pretty obvious, but you can add humiliation to any fantasy, no matter how unusual (giantess or hair fetish, for instance) or vanilla (roleplaying or guided masturbation) they might seem on the surface.


Take it a Little Deeper


If you’ve never tried incorporating phone humiliation into your phone sex fantasies, I highly suggest that you do, at least once. And if you have done it before and enjoyed it, I highly suggest that you try digging a bit deeper with it. The fall down the rabbit hole can be very exciting, Alice!

And if you don’t have any ideas for how to do this, don’t worry. When you bring the topic up with your phone humiliation Mistress, she will almost certainly have some ideas in mind for you (or be able to come up with some pretty quickly).