Humiliation Role play

Many sexual role play scenarios have underlying themes of humiliation. For many, this humiliation is erotic and sexually exciting. Not all sexual role play contains elements of humiliation but humiliation can be added into almost any role play scenario.

The types of scenarios that can be used for humiliation role play are only limited by the imagination of those involved, but some of the most common ones are master/mistress and slave, human-animal role play, objectification (such as human furniture), and ritualistic role play.

Master/Mistress and Slave Role play

In Master/Mistress and slave role play, the inferiority of the slave is emphasized. The slave is usually denied certain freedoms and required to ask permission to do everyday things, such as using the bathroom or resting.

The slave is usually made to do demeaning and sometimes degrading tasks, such as cleaning shoes and boots or the feet with their tongue, scrubbing the floor with their toothbrush, or performing other services and chores that might otherwise, outside of BDSM play, be considered unacceptable requests.


Human-Animal Role Play

Human animal role play, such as puppy-play and horsey-play makes the submissive act as if they were a puppy or a horse. As human puppies, they are collared and leashed and made to sit at the feet of their dominant while they go about their business. Many times the dominant ignores the human puppy and the slave is expected to just sit quietly until he or she receives further instruction from the dominant.

Many dominants make a great show out of walking the dog; taking the puppy for a walk out in public where others can see, so as to reinforce the inferiority of the slave as compared to the dominant. Often, the human pup is made to put on a show for the dominant and their audience, barking and performing such tricks as begging, rolling over, and playing dead.

Objectification Role Play

Objectification role play is a type of role play in which the submissive is treated as if they were not human at all, but an inanimate object, such as furniture or an ashtray.

The slave may be expected to be a table, a chair, a lamp, or any other piece of furniture the dominant requires. The slave is expected to stay immobile for hours on end. It is important to check regularly on the well being of the slave being incorporated as human furniture.

Ritualistic Role Play

Ritualistic role play is the mainstay of many fetishes where objects, such as shoes, stockings, panties, feet, etc., are sexualized and used in a way that allows the fetishist to derive sexual pleasure from the non-sexual items.

Having the fetish itself is not ritualistic, however; those with these types of fetishes have the need to ritualize certain behaviors surrounding the object of their desire, in order to gain sexual satisfaction. The fact that sexual pleasure is derived from an otherwise non-sexual item is a form of erotic humiliation in and of itself.

Role Play Possibilities are Endless

The types of erotic humiliation role play scenarios that can be acted out are only limited by the imaginations of those involved in the scenes. As with any BDSM and humiliation related activity, discussions and negotiations must occur before the role play scene starts, so as to make all parties aware of the boundaries and expectations of all involved.

It is required that these boundaries be honored, as a submissive must be able to fully trust the dominant and know that his or her limits are being respected.


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