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Small Penis Humiliation


You’re probably sitting at a bar, drinking a beer, checking out the sexy blonde with the long legs and nice boobs on the other side of the room. You’re getting hot. You’re getting ready. You can feel the bulge growing in your pants.

Then you look down at your hard-on and remember—the last chick you went home with said you were, well, you know, let’s just say she wanted a bigger cock up her cunt.

You get back to your beer, ready to give up on women and get shit-faced drunk. What the hell are you thinking, man? Wake up! Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

Contrary to what you and your under-sized dick may think, there’s a whole world of small penis humiliators out there waiting for you. So get your ass up off that stupid bar stool and get ready for an adventure!


Small Penis Humiliation


Small penis humiliation or SPH as it’s also known is the erotic act of mocking, laughing and otherwise making fun of the size and look and of a man’s penis for sexual pleasure.

Sounds interesting? Ready for more?


How Big (or NOT Big) Are You?


In men’s rooms, shower rooms, shit even at the beach, guys get into that “who has the bigger cock” mentality. You get tired of being the guy always holding the shortest “stick.”

So why not make the most of your little dick and hook-up with the sexy bitches that appreciate a man with a pencil-sized cock? There are a gazillion women waiting to humiliate that tiny cock of yours.


Sample Humiliation Scenes


Some small-cocked guys like the intense humiliation right off the bat, others like to ease into it. Either way, the intensity and pace is up to you and the woman humiliating you.

To ease into it, try light verbal humiliation where your girl or your wife verbally humiliate you by taunting you, mocking the size of your penis and laughing at your marble-size balls. Your sexy wife in her see-through nightie, her tits bouncing underneath, checks out your cock and says, “What happened to your dick? Did you lose it somewhere?”

Hearing her slam your less-than-manly cock arouses you. You know your cock isn’t good enough to stuff her cunt hole. You’re lucky she even bothers with you.

“Do you think any woman would touch a pathetic cock like this? Do you?”

She’s right. You know the only thing to do is beg, beg for her to touch your little dick.

“Please touch my dick. I know it’s pathetic and I don’t deserve it, but please,” you beg, “please touch my dick.”

She laughs, spreads her cunt wide open.

“Why? Cause you want some of this? My finger is bigger than that thing between your legs that you call a cock!” She finger-fucks herself till she cums. You are so turned on your cum creams your underwear, you disgusting limp-dicked perv.

This lighter verbal humiliation made you crazy horny. Time to intensify things.

You’re girlfriend invites you over for a night of sex. You are so excited she even wants to see a small-cocked guy like you, let alone fuck you.

She looks smokin’ hot when she answers the door and invites you in. She tells you to come inside, sit down on the coach and close your eyes.

You sit there for what seems like an hour, but it’s really only been like three minutes. She says open your eyes and don’t move. When you do there are six other hot women naked, just like your girl, surrounding you.

Your girl tells you to stand and drop your pants. You can’t unzip your jeans fast enough. You think to yourself is this a fucking jiz fantasy or what?

The minute your pants hit the carpet the women roar with laughter! They can’ t stop! None have seen a pathetic dick like that before! Your face reddens, your legs shake—you are humiliated and ready to explode cum out of your dinky cock at the same time.

One by one, the sexy women point at your cock mocking you. They spread their cunt lips, flicking their clits, showing you the cunt hole that a man with a cock your size doesn’t get to fuck. You know they are right. Your humiliation launches the cum from your pencil dick.


Hardcore Humiliation


Your next logical step may be hardcore where humiliation is extreme. Scenes often include relentless ridicule and a man submitting to strap-on penetration by his female partner; or humiliating a man by forcing him to watch multiple men fuck his girlfriend while he is not allowed to.

For many small-dicked men, this may be the ultimate turn-on in humiliation.