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SPH: Small Penis Humiliation


SPH or small penis humiliation is a form of erotic humiliation where a man enjoys being humiliated for having a small penis and being incapable of pleasing a woman.

The humiliation can be in the form of verbal insults, physical punishment, cuckoldry, feminization, chastity, and other forms of punishment as penance for having a small penis.


What Makes SPH so Exciting?


As with any form of erotic humiliation, what one person may find mortifying, another person may find exciting. Humiliation stimulates the same region of the brain that is associated with physical pain and is adjacent to the region that experiences sexual pleasure.

Because they are so closely connected within the brain, very powerful emotion triggered by humiliation can cause pleasure just as powerful emotion triggered by pleasure can cause feelings of humiliation and guilt.

Oftentimes, the man who enjoys small penis humiliation has an average size penis for whatever reason he worries about being inadequate. This worry can turn into an obsession which is further fueled by a woman humiliating him for having a small penis.

He may feel it is what he deserves for not measuring up or he may feel that it is safer to be humiliated in a consensual way than to actually try to please her and fail; in this case, it is erotically stimulating. While he enjoys the humiliation as part of role play, if he really tried to please her sexually but failed, the humiliation would be mortifying and debilitating instead of erotic.


Not All Men Who Enjoy SPH Have a Small Penis


It may be difficult to understand why men with smaller penises enjoy humiliation for it, but imagine a man with a larger than average penis who enjoys small penis humiliation. Why on earth would this ma enjoy being humiliated and told he has a small penis? Any number of reasons, actually.

A man with a larger penis may be uncomfortable because he feels pressure to perform based on his penis size. Think about it. Women who see a smaller than average penis don’t go into the sexual experience with a whole lot of expectations. Women who see a larger penis automatically have certain expectations and he may be worried that he won’t be able to live up to them. Being humiliated for having a small penis, in this case, is a safe harbor, as it were. A place where there are no preconceived expectations which means less of an opportunity to disappoint.


Cuckoldry as Punishment for Having a Small Penis


Many men derive erotic pleasure from the humiliation of being cuckolded. Cuckolding is when the wife takes a lover with a larger penis, who can please her sexually in a way that the husband cannot with his inadequate member.

The husband is made to watch as his wife is being pleased by another man, usually while being denied the opportunity to pleasure himself while he watches. In most cases, after the lover orgasms inside the wife, the husband is expected to lick her pussy clean while she tells him how good it was to finally be pleased by a real man.


Feminization as Punishment for Having a Small Penis


The act of feminization commonly goes along with small penis humiliation because the penis is too small to be considered a cock, so instead must be a clitoris. These men often are made to wear panties under their regular male clothes every day to work, to remind them of their shortcomings. Oftentimes, this will accompany coerced bi or strap on play; since he is unable to please his wife by fucking her, he should be the one to be fucked like the pussy he is.


Chastity as Punishment for Having a Small Penis


It seems those with a small penis are usually obsessed with it. They think about it all the time and want to play with it all the time. Chastity is the perfect way to keep them in their place. Since they don’t have a real cock, they have no business thinking of it as one, and chastity is the perfect way to keep that in check.


Multiple Forms of Humiliation go Hand in Hand with SPH


It is not uncommon; in fact, it is quite common, for more than one of these forms of humiliation and punishment to go together with small penis humiliation. For example, the man with the small penis could be cuckolded while being made to wear a chastity cage and panties.

Sometimes, the humiliation is strictly verbal, other times it is public humiliation. There are many ways to deliver erotic humiliation associated with having a small penis, and what is considered enjoyable and erotic differs from person to person.

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