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The Unwitting Cuckold


Apparently, there was a time, I was an unwitting cuckold.

My wife and I have been married for a few years. She’s a little younger than me and trust me, I know how lucky I am to have such a hot babe who was willing to not only date but marry me. My friends at the time made jokes about my money or how she’d have a lover in a year, but I knew better.

After all, I’m not the typical cuckold type. I wouldn’t just sit by while I was being cheated on, what kind of fucking loser does that? Not me! Well, that was what I thought at the time. It seemed inconceivable that she would want anyone else anyway and I knew that would lead to a quick divorce should it happen.

Thing is, I didn’t take into account how I would feel about her leaving. That it wouldn’t be her who couldn’t walk away but me who just didn’t want her to no matter what.


How I Found Out I was an Unwitting Cuckold


I’m getting ahead of myself though. See, I found out that she had a lover (at the time I thought it was just one) because he told me. This was the first unexpected thing. I like to tell myself that I ended up where I am now, because things didn’t go the way I thought they would in my head. I pictured myself noticing something was wrong, confronting her.

She would cry and admit it, I’d lay down the law and she’d promise never to do it again. Then I could be self-righteous and angry for a bit and finally forgive her, during which time she’d do anything to make me happy, including sucking my dick for as long as I wanted – something she is loathe to do on a regular basis. Yeah, that’s how I pictured it.

Instead I was at the gym and one of the younger guys from the company where I’m a partner walked past me and said with a smile, “Your wife gives the best blow jobs.” I thought I heard him wrong and of course followed him to find out, asking what he meant and getting louder and more indignant every moment.

Not really. In reality I felt my stomach drop and just stood there while the other guys who heard snickered and mumbled things like “Yeah man!” and “How could he not know?” Which just made it impossible for me to think he was lying and humiliated me in front of people who should look up to me as a boss.


What Happened That Night


That was the beginning. I didn’t know what to say to her, but didn’t have to worry, she brought it up at dinner, announcing that since I already knew she was tired of hiding it and wanted me to know that she wasn’t going to be leaving me. Instantly I felt better, realizing with a shock that what had be so upset was not that she was cheating on me, but that his gorgeous blonde who had married me was going to leave me all alone for some younger guy.

Once I knew she wasn’t, I took a few deep breaths, until she added, “If you do what I want”¦” . This was the moment everything changed. Not when he told me. Not when she admitted it. But when I nodded and told her, yes, just don’t leave me and agreed to do anything she wanted.

As if on cue, the door bell rang and he was there, grinning. I’m sure it was at least an hour later but it seemed like moments, as she’d explained that not only was I going to watch, but I’d be joining in when and if she chose and doing what she liked. Seeing her kiss him and lead him to our bed, upset me and excited me.

I never thought the later was be the case, but when she started sucking his cock, kneeling between his legs like she never did mine and he pointed that out repeatedly, I loved it. Sitting there watching them was hard though, especially after she made me take off my clothes so she could compare our cock sizes and then laughed at how hard I was.


How it is Now – No More Unwitting Cuckold


That was night one, things have only gotten more intense from there with watching, becoming participating. Including wearing a pair of panties and being the “bitch” for a night with him in control while she laughed. She has video taped and everything.

So now, I’m no longer her unwitting cuckold, but her permanent cuckold. I was unwitting maybe in the beginning, but now, well “¦she’ll show everyone the tapes if I do decide to try to divorce her.

Though honestly, with all the different men she brings in and everything she has me watch and do know”¦I’m hard all the time and can’t imagine not wanting to keep being her cuckold for good.

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