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Ways To Humiliate Yourself for your Mistress


by Ms. Cecilia of Phone Humiliation

You want to humiliate yourself for your Mistress because you know what a pathetic little worm you are, right? There are many ways to do this and if you are not wanting to wait for her dominant instruction, you can always humiliate yourself and snap the pictures to prove it! So how can you humiliate yourself? Well, here are some humiliating ideas:

First, you can get into your wife’s or girlfriend’s dirty panties and dump them on the bed and wallow in them—make sure you have some on your head, and that you are wearing some. You can also do the same for lingerie and pantyhose, or any feminine clothing. It’s important that you are feeling as emasculated and humiliated as possible be surrounded by such feminine delicacy—after all, you were never a man in the first place, were you?


Ways to Humiliate Yourself


Speaking of humiliation feminine style—do you have a cock? Are you a man? Probably not—which is why you should measure your penis with a ruler, snap a picture and send it on to your Mistress so that she may have a good laugh at your lack of manhood. Humiliating, right? It gets even better.

There are different humiliating circumstances you can put yourself in so that your Mistress gets the best laugh such as carving out a hole in the pumpkin and making sweet pumpkin love to it, or dressing like Little Bo Peep and singing songs for your Mistress.

There are multiple ways to humiliate yourself and if you just run out of ideas completely, we’ll be glad to humiliate you any time. Call one of our Mistresses today.


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