Wedding Day Humiliation


Boy, did I experience the worst (and the best) wedding day humiliation, ever!

I should have known things wouldn’t go as planned, after some of the obvious hints she dropped, but I had no idea our wedding day would turn out to be the most humiliating moment of my life. We’d rented a huge castle on a lake, so many rooms that all of our guests could stay overnight and be there to enjoy the beauty of the grounds and get ready for the big event in a relaxed and glamorous atmosphere.

It was her idea and when I saw the guest list with one of the new guys at work on there as a single, I had a feeling a slight memory of her flirting with him at the company Christmas party, but quickly put it out of my mind. It was our Wedding Day after all and I was acting like a paranoid woman.

Listening to my gut would have been a great idea, but oh no, I listened to that male ego instead and well that night after the pre-Wedding party when I headed upstairs to surprise my soon to be wife with a glass of midnight champagne I found her in her room, but she wasn’t alone. Not at all.

And I know you are thinking that this was the humiliating thing. Finding her with another man. But you are getting way ahead of the story. I wish that my humiliation ended with this, but it was only the beginning.


Wedding Day Humiliation: She Was With Another Man


When I opened the door she was on her knees with his cock in her mouth, moaning and touching him. He looked up and smiled at me then tapped her on the shoulder. Turning, she grinned and motioned me inside. Telling me that they’d been trying to wait for me but I had taken too long. I felt like I was in some other reality and kept wondering if I was going to wake up.

But instead, she got up and walked over to me, naked except for her blue bridal garter, something borrowed and blue. She took my hand and led me over to the bed, telling me that she was glad I knew since our relationship was going to involve other men. I was shocked, to say the least.

She went on to explain that she’d always wanted to be in a cuckold relationship and she was excited to have me part of it as well. I wanted to leave, but all the while she was talking she was taking my clothes off and stroking my cock. Not as big as his of course, but still I was hard.

Though when she caught me staring at him she laughed and insisted we stand hip to hip so she could compare cock size. Before that she said she wanted to see us together and whoever was longer got to be the man. Like a hard fool, I agreed, not realizing that he wasn’t even all the way hard yet and once he was I’d be left in the dust.


Wedding Day Humiliation;

I Was With Him Too


I’d like to say that I refused after realizing I lost. But, adding to this wedding day humiliation, I didn’t. I don’t know if it was all the champagne I drank or her naked body rubbing against me while she helped me down to my knees in front of this young man who worked under me at our company. But I sucked him until he came, long enough for her to take pictures and for me to prove that even this excited me.

I’m ashamed to admit that I came as he did and well, she laughed and laughed, telling me that she knew I’d be perfect for this. And reminding me as she got him hard again, that unless I wanted those photos sent to everyone in the castle I’d happily sit and watch him fuck her and then head off to get some sleep to be ready for our glorious wedding the next day!

Humiliated, I watched, knowing this was only going to get worse and when they finished she smiled and tossed me her lacy white bridal panties, letting me know that I’d be wearing the lingerie under my clothes for the wedding, so that I didn’t forget for a moment who wasn’t a man and what I’d done to prove that.

He just laughed and told me he was looking forward to the wedding and to getting back to the office. Then suggested how much fun it would be to sit in my office chair while I blew him under the desk. Horrified and turned on, I left quickly, knowing this was going to be so much more than I’d ever bargained for and realizing that I wouldn’t need to feel threatened to participate, as I was already hard again. The best (and worst) wedding day humiliation, ever!