What Is A Humiliatrix?


If you’ve been interested in erotic humiliation for very long, you’ve probably run across the term “Humiliatrix,” either on the web or in your everyday life. But what does that word mean exactly? What is the role of a Humiliatrix, and what are the implications of that role? We’re going to do our best to answer all those questions for you.

Let’s start with the easiest question first. What is a Humiliatrix? The word “Humiliatrix” is a portmanteau, which is a word that combines two or more words by taking parts from each word and blending them together. Thus, “Humiliatrix” is a combination of the words “humiliation” and “Dominatrix.” So the simplest definition of the word “Humiliatrix” is a Domme who enjoys humiliating submissives and slaves.

But you probably figured that out already, didn’t you?

Let’s discuss, then, what a Humiliatrix does. We know that she enjoys humiliating submissives and slaves, but what does that mean exactly?


The Role Of The Humiliatrix


Generally, a good Humiliatrix doesn’t just seize upon the first thing she can find and make fun of the submissive about it. A really fulfilling humiliation session actually requires a good bit of forethought. The more perceptive the Humiliatrix is, the more effective she will be.

In light of this, most Humiliatrices take their time before diving right into a sensual humiliation session. If she can find out what a man’s weaknesses are and what he is most ashamed of, then she can give both of them a much more intense humiliation scene.

For that reason, all the good Humiliatrices are students of psychology. They may not be students in the formal sense, but effective Humiliatrices have all studied aspects of psychology. They know the secrets of how the human mind works.

They know how to learn the most amount of relevant information from a man in the least amount of time. They know the right kinds of pointed questions to ask. They know how to pick up on other cues, too, to detect what the man is not telling them. Most of all, they know just exactly how to destroy a man’s ego with just a few well-placed barbs or instructions.


Lose Your Ego And Find Yourself Through Humiliation


What is the point of this annihilation of the ego? Well, different women do it for different reasons, of course. But one of the most common reasons is that it allows a Femdom Mistress a level of control that is not often gained through any other means. 

The use of humiliation breaks down walls faster than anything else. Once those barriers are let down, the Humiliatrix can take a greater amount of control over a submissive’s life than she could before those walls were broken down.

Additionally, once a submissive goes through the experience of being humiliated by a Mistress, he seems to become more submissive toward her. This seems like a paradoxical reaction, but it really isn’t. If the Humiliatrix shows a man that she can humiliate him without breaking him completely, it demonstrates to him that he can trust her. Since trust is the basis of submission, it makes sense that successful humiliation scenes can deepen the level of submission of the man to his Mistress.

As all good Humiliatrices have studied psychology, they are acutely aware that negative or unwanted behaviors must be extinguished before new behaviors can be modeled to replace them. What better way to do that than through the use of humiliation? Public humiliation is a very good way to extinguish an unwanted behavior because the public nature of the embarrassment is much more likely to make it remain in the submissive’s mind longer.

The Amish, for example, have this down to an art. Public humiliation in the form of “shunning” is a way to shame the sinner into changing his ways and to serve as a deterrent to others who may be contemplating the same behavior.

As you can see, Humiliatrices can use humiliation for many different reasons. They may also use many different types of erotic humiliation as well. The reasons for using humiliation and the different forms used may vary from Humiliatrix to Humiliatrix, but they all have one thing in common. Men who love to be humiliated flock to them from all over to experience what they have to offer!