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What is a Humiliatrix?

by Ms. Erika of


What a great question, What Is A Humiliatrix?! Some who are not familiar might think anyone who humiliates another is a Humiliatrix , but I would beg to differ. Humiliation is an intense kink that you should not be left to the amateurs! Humiliation is not an activity to be taken lightly and does impact a person greatly.

A professional Humiliatrix is a specialized Femdom Kink artist. We understand both the mechanics and nuances of humiliation and how to take good care of you. So to understand what a Humiliatrix is we have to delve a bit into Erotic Humiliation play.


Erotic Humiliation


Erotic humiliation is different from general humiliation, or “everyday” humiliation. For example, you might feel humiliated when someone trips you, and a group laughs at your misfortune or during a business meeting someone points out your inadequacies in front of your coworkers. Sure that is humiliation and humiliating but it’s not erotic humiliation.

Erotic humiliation focuses on the humiliation which arouses you. Humiliation and arousal can be confusing for those who are not wired that way. However, as I’m about to explain it’s a very natural response that everyone has to humiliation. The difference is how humiliation plays out with you, and your sexuality.


Humiliation Response


When you are humiliated it is in essence pain for your brain. Much like pain play, spanking, whipping, and the like, your body’s hormonal cocktail response is the same with humiliation! Your body floods your bloodstream with a cocktail of “feel good hormones” in attempts to thwart or diminish the pain.

Some of those hormones dilate your blood vessels increasing blood flow. Ever hear of a nervous chubby? Your anxiety rises, your stress increases your body dumping dopamine into your system and voilá a chubby! With this in mind, many find pain play very humiliating as well, so you have a double edged sword when you combine the two!


Your Humiliatrix Knows How To Push Those Buttons


Like many other kinks, your Humiliatrix (as opposed to a mean girl) is experienced and knowledgeable on exactly how to push those humiliation buttons! We also know that humiliation is very specific to the one who is humiliated.

The person being humiliated has to subscribe to the humiliation. Meaning, if I put you in panties yet you happen to love panties, and don’t find it particularly humiliating then that’s the wrong humiliation for you! Conversely, if you think me putting you in panties is emasculating, and humiliating then guess what. Get those panties ON!


Three Humiliation Factors


Humiliation play is comprised of three factors, all which are important to the scope of play.

Context: humiliation can take on many forms. From humiliation role plays, CFNM experiences, even JOI humiliation to actual humiliation assignments! There are plenty of ways to engage with humiliation.

Style: Many Mistress can dole out humiliation in many types of styles from subtle and sensual to harsh and degrading. SPH for example, a subtle and sensual style might be just to giggle and say “aww, isn’t he cute, does it get any bigger at all?” Harsh Humiliation which some refer to as hard-core humiliation will have a more stern approach “You are kidding me with that peanut? Did I just waste my entire evening on a few inches!!?”

Type of Humiliation: What is humiliating? Are you being feminized? Coerced to suck cock? Exposed as a small penis holder? That’s what I mean by context. These are the three most important things I must know before engaging in erotic humiliation play with you.

These are the three prongs of information you should offer ANY Humiliatrix before you play. Neglecting to know or inform may leave you disappointed. Any Femdom worth playing with will take the time to know these things about you. With that said, we are not talking hours long interrogation! A few moments at the beginning of session, will suffice.

With all of this said, if you are unsure just say so! We can walk you through, or have you give examples of the humiliation you are looking for and we will deduce the rest. Now to talk a bit about the different types of humiliation.


Types of Humiliation


So what type of humiliation are you interested in? As mentioned above, you have to subscribe to what is humiliating. A very popular way to humiliate is the size of your penis. SPH or small penis humiliation hits a man right at his core.

The number one insecurity in males and sex is the size of their penis. I adore those who proudly announce they are “Average!” Well my tiny little button, all average means is there is a boat load of cocks bigger than you! See what I did there? You’re welcome.

Humiliation comes in all the colors of the rainbow, including cock sucking humiliation, or bi-curious desires, cuckold humiliation is also popular. Feminization, physically (Or in fantasy) emasculating you through transforming your male appearance into a more feminine one is also on the top five list of ways to humiliate you!

There are a lot of posts on various Enchantrix Blogs about the boundless ways we can humiliate you. Take some time and visit them today, in the search area at the top (magnifying glass) click and search YOUR humiliation, I know you won’t be disappointed!


Humiliation After Care


This is paramount to many types of Femdom play, not just humiliation. From a few moments to a longer period of time, based on the needs of the submissive. After care is where we put you back together. During session, things get intense and part of humiliation is breaking you down, creating need and vulnerability.

Before we part, I want to ensure you are whole again. Some need a few moments of quite, with me telling them how well they did. Then they are good to go. Others need a bit more. Some nice chat about what we enjoyed most, how proud I am of you, and to ensure you are feeling OK to go about your day. Certainly aftercare can be a bit longer, perhaps just to virtually cuddle and listen to our heart beats with soft caresses and affirmation.


What Is A Humiliatrix Conclusion


I think you have a better idea now, what is a Humiliatrix and the importance of playing safely. Contrary to stereotypical porn depictions of the Humiliatrix the vast majority of professional Humiliatrixes care about your well being. We are knowledgeable that humiliation is an erotic tool to use, and doesn’t necessarily speak to who you are at heart.

Whatever you do, when it comes to your humiliation needs, don’t leave it up to the amateurs who may or may not respect your boundaries. Who do not understand the intensity and intricacy of humiliation to keep you safe and sane. Seek out a Humiliation Artist: Your Humiliatrix.


Interested In Humiliation Play


From beginner to experienced if you are interested in having a hot humiliation play from myself or one of our Mistresses all you have to do is reach out in an email. Our emails are listed with our profiles.

Or feel free to go to my perfect Mistress, fill out the form and our excellent Mistress recommendation team can suggest a few Humiliatrix Mistresses based on your preferences who they feel are a great fit for you!

Looking for a faster recommendation you are always free to click on the chat and text with our erotic concierge team!