What is Sensual Humiliation?


What is sensual humiliation? Let’s take a look.

The sexual world has always been one of many practices, excitements, and flavors. From dressing up to spankings, there is something for everyone. An enjoyable and popular practice in that world of sexual adventure is sensual humiliation.


Sensual Humiliation: A Brief Definition


Sensual humiliation has been defined as the erotic degradation, submission, or humiliation of a person by another person for sexual pleasure and enjoyment using loving, non-combative means. Actually, sensual domination is where being degraded by someone feels so good. A dom or mistress will do it to you in the most caring of ways. It sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s not.


Some of the Basics


The sensual humiliation experience is gradual, where a mistress or dom leads you down an erotic path of complete submission that is painless and pleasurable in its pain. Sensual humiliation is a pathway of pleasure that leads one to being a better man and a better lover. What do you think? Are you ready to play?

First lay down on your bed, take off your pants. Don’t ask why, you know the dom knows what’s best for you. Put your hand on your cock. You want to start stroking it right away but don’t. Wait. Bad boys always play with their cocks the minute they take their pants off. But you don’t want to be a bad boy anymore, do you?

You don’t want to be always tugging at your cock, ready to squirt. That’s so dirty. You don’t want to be that nasty, disgusting bad boy anymore, right? So you should listen to what the dom tells you to do.

You’re getting antsy. Dirty thoughts of wet cunts, tits, and assholes swirl in your head. But don’t touch your dirty little dick yet —just WAIT.

Now you have permission! Grab that dick and pull, tug at the tip. Squeeze your balls, you pathetic little perv. Is your head filling with more images of wet slit holes and bouncing breasts hanging above your lips? Yes.

You know your perv head is full of those nasty thoughts. The more you think about them the more your hand tugs at your cock and the harder it gets. Such a bad boy, a nasty bad boy who just can’t keep his nasty hands to himself. You better stop tugging at your cock and leave it alone. Wait for a hot woman to touch that nasty little dick of yours. Get up, put on your pants, and go take a cold shower, you dirty little prick, cause your dom knows what’s best for you.


Taking it Up a Notch


Sensual humiliation begins with trust and great communication between the participants. It is the stimulation and pleasure of the senses brought about through humiliation and submission. If you enjoyed the basic scene, you may feel curious enough and horny enough to explore more.

Get naked. Your dom says get on all fours and crawl to her like the small dicked dog you are. She tells you to kiss her feet. Your tongue travels around her toes, into the crevices, and along the side of her foot. She looks down, asks if that is the best you can do? You admit that it wasn’t, so she orders you to do it again, but not before reminding you how lucky you are to be touching or licking any part of her. There’s a part of you that knows it is true, your cock gets hard in response, and so you lick her foot again, this time, with sensual strong flicks of your tongue. She tells you she is pleased.

She asks if it would turn you on to fuck her, and of course, you say yes, you get ready to throw her back on the bed and pump. Instead, she tells you, she’d rather fuck herself with a dildo, a bigger better fake cock, and make you watch.

She makes you lay down on the floor. She stands over you, spreads her wet pussy lips over your face, You immediately reach for your cock to masturbate but her shoe on your hand stops you.

“Just watch,” she tells you, “watch and learn.”

Her hand spreads her cunt lips, pushes the rubber dick in and out of her dripping wet hole. You start to reach to stroke your cock again and again she stops you with her heel. The rubber cock-pumping gets faster, her legs rock with pleasure. She tells you this is how to fuck your dom right. She pumps and pumps that rubber penis until she explodes in an orgasm, letting her pussy juice drip all over your face.

“Clean yourself up,” she tells you, “then go home.”

The world of sensual humiliation is a total turn on. So get on your knees and enjoy the possibilities.


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