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Why do I Enjoy Being Humiliated?

by Ms. Harper of


If you get off on being humiliated, you’ve probably wondered, “why do I enjoy being humiliated?”

It’s a very common fetish, believe it or not. A lot of people wind up with a humiliation kink without even being aware they have it. After all, the root of all dirty talk is the rush we get from being just a little embarrassed. Embarrassment, humiliation, and arousal are all closely linked in our brains.


There is a very primitive part of our brains that controls automatic responses called the Amygdala.


Know your amygdala, love your amygdala. In addition to controlling our blood pressure, rate of respiration, and helping keep our fight or flight reflexes in check, the amygdala also controls our responses to arousal.

Without an amygdala, we’d be dead. With the amygdala, we get to feel fear and anger, lust and excitement.


There are downsides to having such a primitive structure controlling large parts of our bodies and reactions.


One of the downsides to our amygdala is that it’s really indiscriminate. After all, it’s not the home of conscious thought or reasoning, it’s not even really in charge of emotions (that’s the cerebellum). Once we’ve experienced a stimulus, our amygdala reacts to it, before conscious thought has a chance to step in. It’s helpful in an emergency, but not so helpful when some calm reflective thought is needed.

The amygdala is also, in some ways, a one trick pony. Stimulation leads to a response, and odds are good it’ll be the same response. Blood pressure goes up, our vascular system gets loose and open for good blood flow, adrenaline floods our bodies to help us react quickly, and our heart rate increases. Across the board, that’s the reaction to fear, panic, danger, and”¦ lust.

Did I say the amygdala responds to lust? Oh, yes, it does. The trigger for getting the primitive brain involved in our sex lives is really simple too. Anything that gets your conscious mind and your cerebellum to panic a little will then trigger the amygdala to respond. So, about to be very intimate with someone? Hello amygdala! Jerking off in the bathroom and someone knocks on the door? Hi there, amygdala!

Our brains are basically giant learning machines.

And lazy learning machines at that!

Why respond to a stimulus as though it was the first time we’ve encountered it when it’s something we’ve seen before? Our brains are lazy, and will take a previous experience that’s similar to a current experience and just cut and paste the previous reaction onto the current response.

This tendency towards laziness is where triggers from traumatic events come from, as well as habits, thoughtless responses, muscle memory and fetishes. Our brains take lust, plus the amygdala’s one trick, mix them together, and voila: see a trigger and experience an erection. This is why you enjoy being humiliated.


“Why do I Enjoy Being Humiliated and Get so Turned on When I’m Embarrassed?”


You enjoy being humiliated because your brain is lazy, and has been wired to respond to shame with erections. All it really takes is one exposure to the perfect humiliating event while turned on for your brain to take it and run with it. Get caught once with your pants down, and forever after the idea of being caught will make you dizzy with lust. Have a girlfriend mock you for a tiny cock and you’ll crave the shame and humiliation. One lusty, shameful, fantastic jerk off in a semi-private place and you’ll be chasing that high forever after.


Our brains are wired to take embarrassment and turn it into lust.


After all, it’s either lust or run away in fear, and which one’s going to get you a nice orgasm at the end? Not running away”¦ So embrace your embarrassment and accept the shameful bliss of finding joy in being humiliated.


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