Wife Arranges Public Humiliation For Cheating Husband


To start with, I want you to know where exactly I am coming from with this public humiliation situation. I used to be adored by all. I was head cheerleader, prom queen, homecoming queen, valedictorian, editor on the yearbook, and organizer of various events.

I was a big deal. I was young, pretty, smart, and the object of everyone’s affections. And I picked Matt Whitticker to be my boyfriend. He was captain of the football team, and even captain of the soccer team, just so any place he visited, he could talk about football of some sort. A total jock through and through.

We got married over the summer after graduation. But then, Matt lost his football scholarship and could not afford to go to college with me. And, since we were married, he expected me to play for the same team and show unison.

So, in essence, I gave up my hopes and dreams for this man. Because I loved him. Because I honored and cherished him. Because I wanted to make him happy. Then, not so long ago, I found out the ginger-headed motherfucker was cheating on me!


 A (Dominant) Woman Scorned!


Yeah, it has been ten years now. Because he will not get a job, because he was meant for football and nothing else he says, I am out forty hours or more trying to make ends meet at a crappy home improvement warehouse that you may have heard of.

While I am trying to help some idiot fit a picture window in his AMC Pacer, that bastard was out fucking around town. More than once, apparently, he brought her to our trailer and said the wedding photo was a joke photo  I STILL get angry when I think about this shit!

I found out because the idiot left his email open when he went to get a beer from the fridge and got distracted by college football. Christ, he is so thick headed. So not only were there emails about where they were going to do it next but pictures of them fucking too.

So I decided I was going to meet this whore in person to figure out why she was sleeping with a married man. And then I planned to bring her home to him, beat her until she was ugly, and throw his ass out with her. I had it all figured out too. Meet at the coffee shop, scold her, beat her with a chair, drive back, hit him with a shovel, and let them have each other. Then I met her.


Public Humiliation: The Plot Thickens!


Turns out she had no idea he was married. Even told me about the joke thing with our wedding photo. She even had reason to suspect he was fucking someone else besides the two of us. We searched his email again, and that was when we found out he was seeing a Femdom Mistress.

Yeah, this asshole did not come to me saying he wanted anything kinky, but if he did, he would have found out this sort of stuff has interested me for years. YEARS! Sorry, I am starting to digress.

Turns out she was a pro, but her husband cheated on her a few years back, so she was sympathetic to our cause. She asked us if we wanted to get back at him. Well, after a fit of anger that he had been paying for what he could have been getting at home for free had subsided, I told her I was in and couldn’t wait to witness his unexpected public humiliation.

His girlfriend was in too. And thus, we plotted. I mean, what could we do? Feminization, male chastity, maybe even coerced cock sucking…But we decided he might just enjoy all of those a little too much. I had the perfect scheme, however.

The time came for his appointment with his mistress, who explained today’s scenario would involve some erotic humiliation. The first step of which was CFNM, so she had him strip to his birthday suit. She then put a leather blindfold over his eyes, and a ballgag in his lips, then led him on a leash.

What he did not know was she was leading him to the next room, where I had arranged a surprise party with all of his friends and everyone who knew him so they could witness his public humiliation. The lights were off and the door opened.

The blindfold was removed, and his Mistress flipped the light on, revealing his naked and bound form to the entire party. His friends laughed and began a round of small penis humiliation. All I could do was laugh, turns out it was just one more thing in which he came up short, reinforcing that he deserved the public humiliation he received.