Public Humiliation Scenarios


Let’s look at some fun public humiliation scenarios. Do you remember the old “advice” for public speaking? Imagining the entire room naked or in their underwear? This is supposed to make the speaker less embarrassed and a little calmer. On the flip side of this, I am sure that you as well as most others have had the nightmare of standing before a room of peers, completely naked.

I am sure that you also recall the feelings of humiliation. Humiliation can come from the simplest of scenarios. In fact, it is not hard to understand that erotic humiliation can come in all forms, varieties, and extremes. Humiliation scenarios are endless.

There is much about public humiliation that makes it seem more intense than private humiliation. With public humiliation, there are automatic feelings of heightened arousal. In private, the humiliation slave feels more anonymous, thus the feelings of humiliation, while arousing, are generally not as intense as the feelings derived from public humiliation.

It is known, that self-humiliation is not as fulfilling as humiliation at the hands of a tantalizing and strict Mistress. During humiliation phone sex with your femdom Mistress, you will be instructed on any number of public humiliation scenarios. You will be seduced by not just the image of perfection that each humiliation Mistress exudes, but by the seductive and sensual voices whispering to you, delving deeper and deeper into your public humiliation fantasy.

Public humiliation is one subset of humiliation that is often considered a form of edge play, because of the intensity of the emotions stirred deep within the humiliation slave. There are several popular scenarios for public humiliation in the fetish world. This is just a list of five of the most common public humiliation fantasies.


Public Humiliation Scenarios: Crossdresser Goes To Drag Shows


In this phone humiliation scenario, the humiliation slave is completely transformed into a complete crossdressing sissy by his femdom Mistress. The complete make-over is not just performed by your humiliation Mistress though. You will be taken out to a spa day, where you will have your manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing, and hair done at what is normally an all female spa.

You will then be taken out to a make-up counter at the mall to have your make-up applied by a professional. The finishing touches would be shopping for the perfect outfit, complete with modeling for an audience. Once you have been transformed, you would be entered into a drag show contest at a popular club downtown.


Pimped Out Like A Seduced Bi Whore


In this public humiliation scenario, there are typically three ways that it can be carried out. First off the humiliation slave could be taken out to gay clubs and/or gay adult theaters where they are then pimped out by their humiliation mistress, usually for degradingly low prices.

Secondly, the slave is seduced into being feminized so that they can then be whored out on the street corner, etc. Lastly, the humiliated slave is taken to an adult movie store where they are used by various people in the back booths who love seduced bi fantasies.


Public Exposure / Masturbation


While this may be one of the easiest forms of public humiliation to actually carry out, it may be one of the most intense phone humiliation scenarios that you will experience with your sensual femdom. You will be teased and coerced through your own sexual arousal into a situation where you will be compelled to expose yourself in public to others or RISK exposing yourself to others. A

nother exciting method of this is that you and your guided masturbation Mistress play a dangerous game of public masturbation. How long can you last in this masturbation marathon?


Slave Auction Humiliation Scenario


In this erotic humiliation fantasy, the humiliation slave is not only put up for auction, he is led upon a stage completely naked in a room full of clothed women. This is one of the most intense CFNM fantasies as the naked male slave is left completely exposed and helpless to the powerful femdom women that filled the room.

As if being exposed was not enough, the humiliation slave will then undergo a thorough inspection by each strict mistress in front of the audience.


Party “Entertainment” Humiliation Scenario


This is a classic humiliation phone sex fantasy that can be played out in a plethora of ways. The humiliation slave is the entertainment of the evening for the humiliation Mistress and her guests. As a party favor, you would be subject to any number of publicly humiliating tasks.

This could be one of your ultimate humiliation scenarios or your darkest nightmares as far as public humiliation is concerned. All of your erotic humiliation limits will be pushed as the party favor at the party of a strict Mistress.

These are only a few of the possible phone humiliation scenarios that could leave you not only publicly humiliated, but also more aroused than you could ever imagine. Your feelings of sexual arousal will only build with every step deeper into public humiliation with a sensual femdom and strict mistress.